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Figlio di un ricco proprietario di sale da gioco, Kazuki cresciuto senza che nessuno si occupasse di lui la madre lo ha abbandonato, il padre non capace di sviluppare rapporti affettivi, il fratello Koki un malato psichico e la sorella Miho si prostituisce per avere il denaro per shopping Anche con gli amici Kazuki costruisce relazioni senza affetto, basate sul denaro e sul potere Durante una lite il ragazzo, che ha ormai perso il contatto con la realt , uccide il padre e ne nasconde il corpo, gettando cos la sua giovane esistenza alla deriva Miri Yu costruisce una dura rappresentazione del vuoto morale degli adolescenti giapponesi, inebetiti dal vortice dei miti consumistici e dei videogiochi Oro rapace

About the Author: Yū Miri

Yu Miri is a Zainichi Korean playwright, novelist, and essayist Yu writes in Japanese, her native language, but is a citizen of South Korea.Yu was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, to Korean parents After dropping out of the Kanagawa Kyoritsu Gakuen high school, she joined the Tokyo Kid Brothers theater troupe and worked as an actress and assistant director In 1986, she formed a troupe called Seishun Gogetsut , and the first of several plays written by her was published in 1991.In the early 1990s, Yu switched to writing prose Her novels include Furu Hausu , Full House , 1996 , which won the Noma literary prize for best work by a new author Kazoku Shinema , Family Cinema, 1997 , which won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize G rudo Rasshu , Gold Rush 1998 , which was translated into English as Gold Rush 2002 and Hachi gatsu no Hate 8 , The End of August, 2004 She has published a dozen books of essays and memoirs, and she was an editor of and contributor to the literary quarterly en taxi Her best selling memoir Inochi , Life was made into a movie, also titled Inochi.Yu s first novel, a semiautobiographical work titled Ishi ni Oyogu Sakana , The Fish Swimming in the Stone published in the September 1994 issue of the literary journal Shinch , became the focus of a legal and ethical controversy The model for one of the novel s main characters and the person referred to indirectly by the title objected to her depiction in the story The publication of the novel in book form was blocked by court order, and some libraries restricted access to the magazine version After a prolonged legal fight and widespread debate over the rights of authors, readers, and publishers versus individuals rights to privacy, a revised version of the novel was published in 2002.Yu has experienced racist backlash to her work because of her ethnic background, with some events at bookstores being canceled due to bomb threats After the 2011 T hoku earthquake and tsunami Yu began to travel to the affected areas often, and from March 16, 2012, she hosted a weekly radio show called Yu Miri no Futari to Hitori , Yu Miri s Two People and One Person on a temporary emergency broadcasting station called Minamis ma Hibari FM, based in Minamis ma, Fukushima.Her book Tokyo Ueno Station reflects her engagement with historical memory and margins by incorporating themes of a migrant laborer from northeastern Japan and his work on Olympic construction sites in Tokyo, as well as the March 11, 2011 disaster.Since April 2015, Yu has lived in Minamis ma, Fukushima In 2018, she opened a bookstore called Full House and a theatre space called LaMaMa ODAKA at her home in Odaka District

10 thoughts on “Oro rapace

  1. Paul Ataua Paul Ataua says:

    At 14, rich and troubled Kazuki spends his days and nights wandering the darker side of his city with friends, taking drugs, and getting up to no good Bad turns to worse and it finally leads to him killing his own father and trying to take over his illegal empire Gold Rush promised much but didn t deliver for me There just wasn t enough character development and the story dragged Half way throu

  2. Chris Chris says:

    this book fails on many levels the characters are unrealistic and impossible to identify with the events are scattered and unimportant the settings are badly displayed and the overall tone of the book lacks depth, quality, and wit the book is slip shod at best it could be that the translation is poor, but i don t think so then again, i haven t yet read anything else by this translator, so i m not

  3. Anna Prejanò Anna Prejanò says:

    Ritratto appassionato e allucinato di un ingenuo assassino quattordicenne Un bellissimo libro, al quale non do il massimo solo per il finale, che avrei voluto pi crudele Bellissimo anche per la descrizione di ambienti e situazioni memorabili la scena del funerale e quella del negozio di arredi funebri Colpisce lo stile, originale mix di realismo e lirismo immaginifico.

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I found it impossible to identity with or care about any of the characters in this book It just seemed kind of pointless, and not in an enjoyable way, just blah It sort of brought to mind a bad Tarantino film in book form, where it s supposed merit lies in how shocking it can be.

  5. Daan Daan says:

    Niet uitgelezen.

  6. Sofia Sofia says:

    ,, , , , , , , , .

  7. Patrick Patrick says:

    Going to remind myself of the philosophy that life is too short to read books you don t like, or in this case that really disturb you straight off the bat.

  8. Eileen Eileen says:

    Fantastic, brutal work Kazuki is a homicidal Holden Caulfield note I HATED Catcher in the Rye but Y actually pulls it off in a depressing wasteland of a city, trying to wrest some control of his life out of the amoral chaos around him Unfortunately, he s had no adult guidance beyond the prostitutes and gangsters he visits on his wanderings into the slums, which, along with his wealthy background, gives Kazuki a pat

  9. Trish Trish says:

    Took a while in the beginning to really get into the gist of the book Overall, the twisted scenarios is what glued me to finish till the end The description of each scene has given me an in depth feel to the main character, Kazuki To be 14 years old and have the world at your leisure seems to be the life for most teenagers To gain so much by eliminating your threat but its the consequences you have to face for that el

  10. Miki Miki says:

    Goodreads rating system doesn t capture how I feel about this book I wouldn t necessarily say that I liked or really liked Miri Yu s Good Rush This book is heavy with disturbing scenes and imagery and I would not recommend for those faint of heart For me personally, after finishing I wanted to watch funny YouTube videos to lift up my spiritsI would however, recommend Gold Rush as a good introduction to Japan not a charmi

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