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Optimizing Digital Strategy Optimizing Digital Strategy explores the choices facing organizations in the rapidly changing world of technology enabled business From performance marketing through to personalization, on demand retailing and AI, this book maps out commercial and customer focused challenges and explains how leaders can get the most out of their digital strategies Rather than rushing headlong into adopting the latest digital platforms, tools and technologies, the book challenges leaders to step back from the demands for constant investment in new technology and drive better returns from existing assets.Presenting a sustainable model of e commerce that is appropriate to any individual organization s needs, Optimizing Digital Strategyaddresses the repetitive dilemma between even investment in technology and the need to improve margins and grow revenue Illustrated by the authors own digital work for global brands such as The Economist, Sky, O2, Regus, theFinancial Times, Lidl and L.K.Bennett, this book shows how to balance the need to remain competitive, fully deliver customer expectations, and put resources behind investments that will deliver the best return.

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