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Only a Novel Only a Novel chronicles a year in the life of Elizabeth Markette, who is forced to earn her own living after the death of her grandmother She travels from Philadelphia to London and secures a job as a governess, serenely believing that her new position will be just like one of Jane Austen s novels It isn t But if we told you all the details surrounding that, it would spoil the story, so we ll leave the rest for you to find out

10 thoughts on “Only a Novel

  1. Bookworm Bookworm says:

    I can t possibly give this book a high enough rating, so I m going to rave about it for awhile bear with me Can I just say how much I love Elizabeth And Rodney OH RODNEY swoons I just fell head over heels in love with him And then there was Lavinia and Mercy, and, and, the whole plot I mean, t

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    From my first glimpse of it ons Preview, achingly few pageswhich is a good thing I started to fall in love with Only a Novel and main character Elizabeth Her realness, and relatability were delightful and gripping, it was so easy to slip into her Elizabeth s shoes and follow her on her exciting adve

  3. Michaela Michaela says:

    First of all, this book is awesome if only for the fact that I won it in a giveaway Yeah, how awesome is that But, I hate to admit that I won it last summer and haven t read it till this spring Pretty bad, I know.Anyway, another thing I wanted to mention is that I don t always know exactly what to make of

  4. Morgan Morgan says:

    Recommended for Ages 10 to Adult interest and reading level Rating GI hadn t heard much about this book before a friend lent it to me, so I didn t really know what to expect I ended up really loving Only a Novel After I finished it, I handed it over to my sister who read it in a day She loved it too.Writing 4.5

  5. Hayden Hayden says:

    Only a Novel begins in the late 1800s with Elizabeth Markette utterly alone and down to her last penny Obsessed although, of course, she would never admit it with Jane Austen, she decides to use the last of her money to head to Europe and seek a job as a governess After all, the classic works of Jane Austen, Charlott

  6. Elsabet Elsabet says:

    What an adorable book It is soooooo cute I love it to pieces I mean, it is modeled after Jane Austen s novels, and written by one of my favorite bloggers, so obviously it s perfect Elizabeth was a bitannoying at times, but she was a good heroine, complex enough to suit my needs, and LADYLIKE Oh yes, I can hear the gasps of

  7. Melody Melody says:

    Delightful That s how I d have to sum it up in one word This book has all that I look for in historical fiction, while having none of the cheesy clich s, the boring narrative, the unrealistic characters or the shallow and overly descriptive romances I find so often in recent works of that genre Instead, the words dance and spark

  8. Jack Baillot Jack Baillot says:

    My review My review

  9. Maddie Maddie says:

    For the author s first novel, I was astounded at how wonderful it was A must for Janeites

  10. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    I really did like this book The story was very good, very sweet, and it was very fun placing all the hints at various works of classic literature Lavinia was properly vexing and lovable, Rodney was witty and charming, Mercy was sweet, and Elizabeth was properly Catherine Morland ish I really wanted to give it four stars, but there were too many p

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