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One Piece, Volume 10: OK, Let's Stand Up! Luffy s navigator, Nami, has been working all along for Saw Tooth Arlong to steal enough treasure to buy back her village In return, the pirate has handed over her fortune to the Navy Now Luffy and his crew prepare to risk their lives for Nami s sake against their most ruthless opponent yet

10 thoughts on “One Piece, Volume 10: OK, Let's Stand Up!

  1. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

    Decided to dnf this one I just can t be bothered committing to this series any and I m not really in the mood to read it anytime soon.

  2. Shane Reynolds Shane Reynolds says:

    You made our navigator cry This is all the reason Luffy needs to pick a fight with the biggest threat in the East Blue The fight begins in this thrilling volume, focusing on the individual fights of Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji Each character gets their time in the spotligh

  3. Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) says:

    A heavy action packed volume filled with insane special moves by Luffy and his crew against Arlong and his crew Some of them get a decent character development that leaves you proud of where they re at now in their pirate lives.The fight doesn t end here and continues in

  4. Maria Maria says:


  5. Christopher Christopher says:

    Luffy is the most laid back dude of all time But don t make his crewmate cry Just fights for the whole volume It s fun, but still don t finish in this one On to volume 11 Luffy is the most laid back dude of all time But don t make his crewmate cry Just fights for the whole volume

  6. Novia Novia says:

    For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless I ve heard this before but they never truly read the Manga and therefore jud

  7. Elinor Master of Gifs Elinor Master of Gifs says:

    after a chitty day where my boss made me cry twice, this was really cathartic xD

  8. Koichi Mashita Koichi Mashita says:

    I thought that the fighting between Luffy and Aaron will be finished on this volume, but it will not Aaron is the strongest antagonist of this manga Fish men have advantage of the ability of the sea You know that the people have a special ability by Devil s fruit was weak against sea They ca

  9. Kinsey Kinsey says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Such a great opening.Nami asks for help and Luffy is unleashed Zoro s epic fight with Hatchi while on deaths door Classic Usopp taunting his enemy and promptly running away, ultimately defeating Choo Sanji defeats Ku

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