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October Skies I really enjoyed this book, great storyline switching between two time periods, some grisly moments, twists and turns and a fab ending Highly recommended. Deep in the mountain forests of Wyoming, Julian Cooke stumbles across the rotting remains of a wooden wagon He s discovered what s left of the Preston Group, a convoy of settlers that vanished in the winter ofIt s clear that something horrific happened here all those years ago, but Cooke can only find a few tantalising cluesas early snows descend, the eclectic group of settlers that form the Preston wagon train are forced to dig in Miles from any kind of civilisation, they see the group of Native Americans also trapped nearby as their greatest threat But they soon realise what true danger is When a woman is found murdered, appallingly mutilated, one of the Indian party struggles wounded back to camp, whispering of unspeakable evil as he dies United by fear, the settlers and the Indians must protect themselves against whatever is lurking in the woods But as suspicion and panic grow, perhaps their own terror will be just as dangerous Or maybe, whatever s out there is worse than anything they can imagine Back in the present day, as Cooke unravels the mystery, he must question if the horror he is uncovering was in fact only the start of something much worse A gruesome thriller of suspense and a chilling look at the breeding grounds of evil, Alex Scarrow s new novel will fascainte and terrify you in equal measure Bettie s Books Bettie s Books Another great effort from the criminally under rated Alex Scarrow This is markedly different from the excellent Last Light Afterlight but equally uncompromising and well crafted The novel combined two parallel stories with the historical lost wagon train tale being by far the most engaging and enjoyable It s not perfect, and at times it s a little clunky plot wise, however I ll definitely be looking up his remaining novels. this book is one of my very favourites, it was the first Alex Scarrow I read and it is so well written, your are hooked from the very start I picked it up in an airport while waiting for a delayed flight and it was brilliant Unfortunately loaned it to someone and never got it back D It was a good book but it was really confusing to understand what was going on It was also very boring in the first half of the book but became better as the suspense began to build up slowly Overall, a good book to read if you have the interest and the time. Definitely an engaging read from start to finish The very end was a bit corny, just like the end of a horror movie, the author left the door open to a sequel. Well written but gory. Ehhh Started out really strong and then just sort of veered off into wuh territory I felt the ending was a bit of a cheat. Mystery spanning 150 years and founded loosely on history of the Donner party incident and the Mormon faith Good twist in the tale at the end Good read, but not great read.

About the Author: Alex Scarrow

I live a nomadic existence with my wife Frances, and son Jacob For now we re living in Norwich I spent the first 10 years out of college in the music business chasing record deals and the next 12 years in the computer games business as a graphic artist and eventually a games designer For those of you who like their computer games, here s some of the titles I ve worked on Waterworld, Evolva, The Thing, Spartan, Gates of Troy, Legion ArenaSince signing up as an author with Orion, I seem to spend most of my time hunched over my laptop in various cafes and coffee bars sipping lattes, tapping keys and watching the ebb and flow of shoppers outside on the street As I write this, I m awaiting the launch of my next book the sequel to , LAST LIGHT, and getting ready to find a publisher for the first book in a separate series, ELLIE QUIN Ahead of me, lies research work for my next thriller, and also some screenplays I m looking forward to writing Although I m glad to be where I am now, I do occasionally kick myself for not having succumbed to the writing bug much earlier But then we all just muddle along through life, don t we There s rarely a plan Source

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