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Matt wants a quiet life with his son at Rehoboth Beach after surviving the dangers of big city policing and the chaos caused by his addict wife When the town s animal shelter director is brutally murdered, the Mayor insists that Matt join the investigation His obsession with the case threatens not only his job but also his new relationship with Clara, his beautiful landlord Why is the shelter director known as the Grim Reaper Could the killer be an animal advocate Who is the anonymous blogger who pours gasoline on the flames of community outrage about the shelter Why is Clara lying No Kill Station: Murder at Rehoboth Beach

About the Author: Diane Meier

I grew up in Washington D.C where everyone lives and breathes politics and my career involved controversial government projects When I started volunteering with rescue groups, I was astonished at the arguments over whether shelters can save homeless animals I had no idea that almost 3 million dogs and cats are killed every year at shelters I enjoyed killing off the evil animal shelter director on page one of my first novel, which captures some of my experiences as an animal rescuer, advocate and blogger My hope is that people will not only enjoy my murder mystery but also spread the word about savinghomeless dogs and cats I am donating royalties to Home for Life sanctuary for dogs and cats in Minnesota.From 2010 through 2014, I wrote a blog called No Kill Delaware that criticized the state for not enforcing its innovative animal shelter law, which was passed in 2010 and mandated measures for saving homeless animals The blog and Facebook page provided a forum for animal advocates and rescuers to tell their experiences with the high kill SPCA.I threw myself into animal rescue while writing the blog By the time I burned out, I had five dogs, including two Pit Bulls and two Beagles that had been on death row for being unadoptable I also trapped, neutered and vaccinated the community cat colony living in the woods behind my house Animal politics truly shocked me What amazed me is the vehemence of people who insist that it is necessary to kill animals at shelters Many of them seem to have closed their minds to the idea that animals can be saved I recommend Redemption by Nathan Winograd for anyone who wants to learnabout this issue.I worked about the value of citizens in the political process when I worked as a city planner with citizens trying to save their neighborhoods from high rise developers that were gobbling up land around Metro stations Later I consulted with the federal government on policy and environmental impacts of radioactive waste disposal, cleanup of the nation s nuclear bomb making sites, dismantlement of nuclear weapons, and storage of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from dismantled weapons When public hearings were held for those projects, I was awed by the study that citizens and groups made of the projects and the difference they made I saw projects cancelled because of citizen outrage I believe that the backbone of democracy is an open public process and citizen participation in government plus the free press and the vote, of course.After retiring, we lived for five years in the Delaware beach area where we had vacationed with family for over 20 years When a tree crushed our house during a storm, we moved to the Philadelphia suburbs where our grandkids are closer and where the trees seem friendly.

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  1. Laura Koerber Laura Koerber says:

    First, my thoughts on reviews When reviewing, I try to rate the book in terms of how well the author succeeded at the author s goals I do not measure books against some personal standard of what constitutes literary fiction I do save fives for books that seem to me to be perfect in terms of the author s intentions, while fours are for books that are successful and readable To me, a three means needs editing and rewriting , two means r

  2. Carolyn Bowen Carolyn Bowen says:

    Matt a police officer in Balti knew his life was always on the line This was the driving force for his joining the local police force and making the move with his son to Rehoboth Beach The laid back small community nestled along the coast would distance him from the cruel realities of police work and from the ugliness of his former marriage He was now responsible for his son and he didn t intend to mess it up.A murder occurred almost imm

  3. Grant Leishman Grant Leishman says:

    Reviewed For Readers Favorite by Grant Leishman Matt had retired from the Balti Police, to move to Rehoboth, a small vacation town, with his son Henry, where he was serving on the local Rehoboth Police Force When the Director of the Rehoboth SPCA is murdered, it is clear there are a lot of animal lovers in Delaware who are not happy with the SPCA s performance in getting stray cats and dogs adopted It appears Rehoboth s SPCA isconcerned wit

  4. FangirlNation FangirlNation says:

    As No Kill Station by Diane Meier opens, we see a woman approach Gary Randolph, the director of the SPCA in Rehoboth, Delaware and bash him in the head, killing him As the local police arrive, Matt, a former Balti officer relocated to Rehoboth for his 12 year old son, takes charge of the scene and gets himself assigned as local liaison to the state troopers Discovering that the local community has divided into two rabid parties pro SPCA and an

  5. Jocelyn Tollefson Jocelyn Tollefson says:

    I enjoyed reading this one and discovering a couple of surprises I hadn t been expecting It s an interesting story with just a dash of supernatural elements weaved in about a corrupt SPCA shelter director s crimes and indiscretions being uncovered as his murder is investigated.Officer Matt Thomas uncoversthan he sought out to and becomes emotionally involved as he digs deeper into the murder victim s long list of enemies No Kill Shelter takes you

  6. Rabid Reader Rabid Reader says:

    This is a cosy mystery that animal lovers will definitely enjoy As well as an entertaining murder story, it covers issues of pet overpopulation, kill vs no kill centres, greed and animal cruelty politics in the US It also has an enjoyable bit of romance and a splash of supernatural too The narrator fit the story well, he easily pulled you into the story and his pace was just right All in all, it s an easy listening entertaining audiobook.

  7. D.J. Reid D.J. Reid says:

    A fast paced and enjoyable police procedural murder mystery in which the author s passion for animal welfare issues shines through It also has a slight supernatural slant The book is well edited, but has some redundant descriptions of what characters are feeling, rather than letting readers infer these from their words, deeds or body language.Overall though, the story flows well and the characters both human and animal and plot are entertaining and eng

  8. Rayne Dowell Rayne Dowell says:

    Great Read This One Has It AllAnimal lovers will love this book a greedy animal shelter Director gets murdered but was it an animal rights activist All signs are pointing in that direction but Matt, a local police officer with a soft heart for animals, isn t convinced As he digs into the evidence, questions likely suspects, and learnsthe truth starts unfolding And he s not alone, a ghostly friend helps out And why shouldn t there be a bit of romance in th

  9. Antigone Walsh Antigone Walsh says:

    While I applaud the pro animal message, the story and writing are simplistic An executive at a state funded shelter is murdered Matt, a former Balti cop, takes a job with the small town police department in an effort to provide his son with a stable and safe environment Matt is burned out with the big city violence and emotionally exhausted after his divorce and subsequent imprisonment of his former wife Matt joins the state police in an investigation He lea

  10. Linda Thompson Linda Thompson says:

    If you are a pet lover as I am, or even if you just like animals in general, No Kill Station is a chilling look at just how far some people will sink for money In Diane Meier s first novel, she weaves a very interesting murder mystery sparked with a bit of romance and even a ghost But she brings to light a lot of issues the world has with the overpopulation of dogs and cats I cried when I read some of her narrative because I just can t imagine such blatant crue

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