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Myth of the Maker Carter Morrison didn t want to kill his friends, or himself, but he had a good reason It was them, or the end of all life on the planet Their sacrifice saved the world Not that anyone knew itUntil Katherine Manners stumbled over a melting man in a computer room clutching a message of doom from another worldFollow Carter Morrison, Catherine Manners, Elandine the Queen of Hazurrium, and Jason Cole also known as the Betrayer as they try to understand, survive, save, and in Jason s case, break free of the fictional worlds that insulate Earth from the dangers of the Strange, where world eating monstrosities called planetovores lurk

10 thoughts on “Myth of the Maker

  1. Jason Jason says:

    The first thing that needs to be said about this book is that it s actually pretty good once you get past the truly awful beginning I think the beginning of any book is pretty hard to write, because you have to figure out how to introduce new characters and describe their situation, while keeping some sort of action going so it s not just paragraphs of exposition Scifi and fantasy books are even harder, since you ve got to fill the reader

  2. Derek Derek says:

    I was on board for the elevator pitch version of the story a twisted Nine Princes in Amber with the Real World surrounded by recursions and bordered on all sides by shapeless, hungry chaos inside which horrors lurk But the story version buckles under the weight of a high concept supported by infinite fiddly bits that kept needing explanation The first twenty pages hits hard with technobabble, and the technobabble never quite disappears into t

  3. Klara Klara says:

    DNFI wish I didn t have to say it, but I DNF ed Myth of the Maker after only 20 pages Usually, I don t mind foreign words or languages, but I really couldn t stand it that there was constantly a buzz around some technological and computer science stuff I couldn t understand There were so many of these words that I still didn t get what was happening after 20 pages, even though this was just one scene I wish I could sayto this book, but I couldn t

  4. Rachel Noel Rachel Noel says:

    Book received from NetGalley for an honest review.I had a lot of fun reading this book There were so many strange and interesting things going on that I kept turning the pages wanting to knowAnd there were a couple of twists in the story line that had my toes bouncing because I was giddy with excitement No surprises were completely out of left field and the story, world and characters are strong throughout the book.The humor in this book was also gre

  5. Elaine Aldred Elaine Aldred says:

    While programming inside virtual reality VR , Carter Morrison is put in the impossible situation of having to kill his friends in order to save their own world.This would appear to have been successful, until three years later private investigator Katherine Manners finds a melting man in a computer room, with a message from another world.Unless, Carter gets reconnected with who he once was, things will never be the same againYou have to give this book ti

  6. Daniel Daniel says:

    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 2.25 of 5Carter Morrison is a software developer programmer and he and his associates have built a fully immersive Virtual Reality world that should take the gaming world by storm But something goes awry at Carter kills his friends in order to save mankind Wellmaybe When Katherine Manners finds a man in the computer server room who looked to be materializing as if from a 3D printer and then li

  7. brian brian says:

    Carter Morrison and some of his friends are VR researchers and game developers With quantum computing, they discover a limitless source of power with one hang up it s actually a dark network connecting universes and it s inhabited by terrible things that consume universes In a panic, Morrison injects the world of their defunct MMORPG into the network to create a buffer between the monsters and Earth But Morrison wakes up in a prepared storage unit and has to pie

  8. Chris Farrell Chris Farrell says:

    Maybe I expect too much from gaming tie in fiction, but Monte Cook, Shanna Germain, and Robin Laws have done creditable work making it into a real genre Sadly Bruce Cordell could not manage as well with this origin story for the setting for The Strange RPG.The question you have to ask of The Strange is whether it s science fiction or fantasy That is to say, whether the rules of the setting are bound by science or magic Numenera the sister game to The Strange skillfu

  9. Ryan Ryan says:

    Computer programmers caught up in an alternate universe fantasy world simulation, except it s not a simulation The story follows several POV characters, though only one gets the first person treatment for reasons that are obvious once the story gets rolling All of the characters are interesting, even the antagonist POV I greatly enjoyed this one It s tie in fiction to one of my favorite tabletop RPGs of all time the Strange I m not entirely sure how well it stands on it

  10. Victor Serrano Victor Serrano says:

    A very nice take on parallel dimensions sci fi fantasy.Myth of the Maker is a very refreshing take on thr idea of dimensional travel and worlds I loved the setting and it left me wantingI wish the ending was explained better regarding the battle scene In the end I enjoyed the read and can t wait for a second book There isplaces to visit in The Strange.

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