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Murder at Two Rivers In this fast moving, suspense filled thriller, Omaha Private Investigator, Mike Delo, embarks on a new adventure at his client s home, a serene acreage, adjacent to Two Rivers State Recreational Area on the Elkhorn River An elderly swamp rocker from the s, Ricky Carl, engages Mike to find an extortionist who is offering information as to who murdered Carl s daughter, for , Mike accepts the gig, but becomes caught in a conflict with Carl s granddaughter, June, whose blocked memory of her mother s twenty year old unsolved murder, has left her mentally challenged This creates complications in Mike s hunt for the writer of the extortion note A murder is committed during Mike s search for the extortionist and he begins a new quest Mike s new love interest, Smokey, An Omaha police detective, and Leon Alverez, Mike s mentor and former partner on the Omaha Police Department, aid in the search for the murderer June s romantic pursuit of Mike puts a strain on his romance with Smokey, but Smokey is quick to respond to the young girl s manipulations Mike struggles to control his alcoholism and having fallen back in his efforts, ends up in a grim situation after a night of abusing the vodka The exciting conclusion delivered by James Ory Theall will again surprise and delight readers Some strong language, violence, and descriptions of sex James Ory Theall has been blind with no light perception for over thirty years, but in spite of his vision loss, he listens to audio books at every opportunity He realizes that to be a good writer, it is important to be a good reader I am enthusiastic about creative writing and have plans to continue this Mike Delo series, as well as the Cat Touchette series I would love to be a best selling author, but I write for the enjoyment and all I ask is that my readers enjoy the books and give an honest review, Theall says His love for the written word and his pursuit of creative writing as therapy and a hobby led to the publication of short stories in a Colorado literary magazine, The Prairie Times He is a member of the Longmont Colorado Writers Club and he contributed short stories to two of the club s anthologies The Longmont Public Library accepted several of his works for each of its anthologies in , andHis wife, Lorraine, an award winning author, and he compiled a history of his families inand collaborated on a collection of short stories published inHe has published five novels, in which he created the cantankerous rich Cajun, Clarence Cat Touchette as a series, and Mike Delo in a second series BOOKS BY JAMES ORY THEALL CAJUN TALE SERIES Cat and Dog, A Cajun Tale Quarterfinalist inBreakthrough Novel Awards Also Larry s pick on Larry King Live web site first week of FebruaryCat and Mouse, A Second Cajun Tale Cat s Litter, Cajun TaleMIKE DELO SERIES The Clock Struck One Murder At Two Rivers COLLABORATIONS Reflections on Life and Love with Lorraine Theall Visit his web site http jamesorytheall Follow him on Facebook https facebook jamesoryeall

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