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Montaro Caine An inspirational first novel that blends elements of mystery, science fiction, and metaphysics by the beloved, legendary, and bestselling actor Sidney PoitierWhen a coin is found in a baby s hand, the doctor who finds it sends it up to a lab at MIT, where Montaro Caine, a student, does a work up on it and discovers it to be made of materials not known on Earth Caine never learns the owner s identity, but two decades later, as Caine, now CEO of Fitzer Corp in New York City, is facing the possibility of a hostile corporate takeover and experiencing family troubles, a man and woman appear in his office bearing the coin The find sets off a battle of intrigue and suspense, as scientists, collectors, and financiers all vie to get their hands on it But the coin, and a second coin that appears, is of value than mere monetary worth In this ambitious, page turning novel, the beloved actor Sidney Poitier takes us from New York to Europe to the Caribbean in an exploration of race, faith, and, beyond all else, the meaning of our lives on earth

10 thoughts on “Montaro Caine

  1. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    It s probably not fair to the author, but when I picked up this novel by Sidney Poitier, I was really hoping the protagonist would be somewhat like Mr Poitier Instead he was a white self made millionaire from Nebraska or Kansas Maybe he was from Kansas, and one of the other white self made millionaires was from Nebraska There were several self made millionaires scattered about.The main characters were a bi

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    Disclosure time I recognized Sidney Poitier s name when I started reading this book, but I had no idea who he was Didn t even know he was an actor Terrible, I know, considering his many accomplishments I guess I could use the excuse that he was before my time, which he most certainly was, but I think it s good to know a little bit about the culture of many decades, not just my own This is especially important be

  3. Jen Jen says:

    Montaro Caine from Net Galley Random House is due out May 7, 2013 Description fromA baby is born with a coin in her hand An orphan crafts a mysterious wooden object The CEO of a large corporation finds himself under extraordinary pressure at work and at home And on a remote hilltop on a Caribbean island, a medicine man seems to understand the meaning of all of these events and to hold the key to the future.Sidney Poit

  4. Leah Leah says:

    Sidney Poitier can do no wrong Here in his first novel, he gives the reader an intriguing tale of sci fi literary fiction Questions of who we are and what our place is not just in the world but in the universe are explored in Montaro Caine. Montaro is a successful businessman drawn into the mystery of two coins found in the hands of newborn babies The coins are unlike anything else on earth and have properties that are as m

  5. Josh Josh says:

    Spoiler alert This review does contain spoilers so beware A novel of mystery that intertwines science fiction with metaphysics penned by actor Sidney Poitier.Montaro Caine, the CEO of Fitzer Corp has been perplexed with the unique properties of a rare coin for decades Twenty years prior the coin mysteriously appeared in the hands of a newborn baby and ultimately found its way to the young graduate student, Montaro Caine The young

  6. Gloria Cangahuala Gloria Cangahuala says:

    Academy Award winning actor director Sidney Poitier s debut novel is one filled with mystery, magic, and wonder Delving into the depths of what it means to be a human being, including our inherent flaws, Poitier introduces the reader to a wide cast of characters each with their own problems, each with their own agendas The characters lives intersect and interweave, all connected by mysterious coins What is the meaning of the coins, and

  7. Garrett Garrett says:

    A weird and sometimes enthralling but solidly entertaining experiment of a novel that attempts to meld the worlds of the mundanely practical with the cosmic in the same was as the Jodie Foster movie Contact The book is in part dedicated to Carl Sagan, and owes a lot to his potentialist view of things, but sometimes doesn t really effectively fuse the two orstories it tries to be Some loose ends are left, and some left deliberately, but ultim

  8. ANg ANg says:

    The premise was interesting The actual writing style was a nice easy ride BUT, way to many characters that were underdeveloped , too many subplots and the ending was disapointing Two unique coins are discovered , valuable in that they are not from this universe and they seem to be alive Of course there are several parties interested in the coin.There lies the mystery, the coins, where did they come from , who owns them and ultimately what will oth

  9. Mary Mary says:

    This book was a good try for a first novel It started out well, a page turner, and I mentioned to my husband that I was hoping it would not disintegrate later on Well, the disintegration started in the last quarter of the book, when Montaro Caine started giving long drawn out speeches on how to save mankind Why do authors feel they need to resort to speeches to get their message across Very boring and a little condescending I ended up skimming the speec

  10. Jennifer Kay Jennifer Kay says:

    My AP review of Montaro Caine Poitier s novel may carry a heartfelt message about the potential for good within each one of us, but Montaro Caine doesn t live up to its potential My AP review of Montaro Caine Poitier s novel may carry a heartfelt message about the potential for good within each one of us, but Montaro Caine doesn t live up to its potential

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