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Montana Cowboy Austen Zabrinski looks the part He s got the ranch, the boots, the hat and even a few head of cattle, but everybody in Marietta, Montana, knows the former golden boy of Marietta High is a wealthy politician, not a cowboy And even though that nasty scandal in Helena might have knocked him down a notch or two in the polls, what kind of a fool would trade access to the halls of power in Helena and a Harvard law degree for a ranch in western Montana Possibly one whose new neighbor, Serena James the woman the guys at Grey s Saloon call the Red Hot Llama Mama makes him start to think about what he wants out of life, instead of what s expected of him Serena James knows trouble when it hops her fence Moving to Montana and deleting her blog seemed like the perfect solution to her online stalker problem Serena s ready for a fresh start, but when her escrow on her ranch falls through, she has to scramble to find an immediate but temporary safe haven to rent for her herd ofalpacas, two llamas and one giant dog Serena s barely moved in when Austen Zabrinski the man her landlord called my absentee ranch owner brother who lives and works in Helena hops the fence in need of a lift Even at first glance, Serena can tell he s nobody cowboy, but who s to say that isn t a good thing A little tryst with her gorgeous, sexy, here today gone to Helena tomorrow neighbor might be the perfect welcome to Montana The Big Sky Mavericks seriesBookMontana CowgirlBookMontana Cowboy BookMontana DarlingBookMontana MaverickBookHer Forever Gift Free

About the Author: Debra Salonen

Born and raised in Brookings, South Dakota Youngest of five much youngest A Baby Boomer who married her high school sweetheart our lockers were side by side Mother of two, grandmother of three darling princesses, dog mother of 2.5 mutts Graduate of South Dakota State University with a Master s degree in Geography and History Job history taxi driver, flax seed counter, cartographer, rural mail carrier, substitute teacher, secretary community liaison for Merced College s Child Development Center, bookkeeper, journalist, author First sale story June, 1999, to Harlequin Superromance Total number of books sold to Harlequin 27 Honors and awards Romantic Times BOOKreviews, 2006 Series Storyteller of the Year Winner Best Superromance of 2010 Until He Met Rachel Nominated for Desert Quill in 2008 First book published by Tule Press, summer 2014 Cowgirl Come Home The Big Sky Mavericks series opens Aug 2014 with Nobody s Cowboy.

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  1. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    4 Delightfully Surprising Stars Spoiler FreeDo you like it when two people realize they havein common than not Do you like it when a fella wants to look out for a woman he has now felt something for and is conflicted about what career choices he must make and do you love when both people connect and grow into somethingThen this book is for you It was well written and the characters were well defined Tule Publishing is on to something every book I have read has a uniq 4 Delightful

  2. Laura Laura says:

    I was given Nobody s Cowboy by Net Galley for an honest review.Serena moved to Montana, with her beloved animals, to get away from a cyber stalker She has a new start, a new job and her wonderful animals that all she needs, at least that is what she thought until she met Austen Zabrinski He has his own troubles but they are easy to forget when he is with Serena and her animals.I was rather excited to read Nobody s Cowboy, I mean the cover made the book seem like it was worth the ti

  3. Mummy Cat Claire Mummy Cat Claire says:

    I got this free from .I downloaded a bunch of new books A few of the reviews said this was a decent read I got about 73% into the book and I had to abandon it The book starts off with Austen getting stuck in the field and he walks to Serena s house, his new neighbor Austen was a douche from the start Austen lives on a family owned farm, hiding out and pretending to be a cowboy The author never really took the time to fully try and explain the circumstances as to why he chose to leave

  4. Brandy Brandy says:

    Very interesting book The characters were fun, the alpacas were lovelyI wasn t fond of the stalker but, but overall a nice read

  5. Chris McFarland Chris McFarland says:

    Austen Zabrinski s might own a ranch, wear a cowboy hat, and ride a horse, but he is miles away from being a cowboy Having bought the ranch as a tax incentive and political show piece, the place has turned into his safe haven as his world came crashing down Trying to pull himself up and decide what to do next, Austen s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets his hot, new, alpaca breeding neighbor, Serena James Inexplicably drawn to the strong and fiery beauty, Austen can t help but w

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    This is another story in the superb Big Sky Mavericks series and I have loved every one that I ve read this is no exception Whilst the stories have many of the same characters appearing in them, they each contain their own romance so it isn t essential to read them in order as the stories make sense on their own That s actually a good thing as for some reason I had missed reading this, the second story in the series, but had read many of the others already The stories are set in Marietta,

  7. Adriana Reads Adriana Reads says:

    I really liked this book at the beginning I thought that it was a great love story between two great characters I liked how they met and got to know each other, it really did seem like they were meant to be together Unfortunately, the book lost my interest about halfway I did finish reading it, but was kind of disappointed I was expectingIt got a little boring because nothing substantial or really interesting happened For example, someone in the book has a stalker I thought that I really lik

  8. Moran Moran says:

    I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion We first met Austen Zabrinski in Cowgirl Come Home, book 2 in the Montana Born Fair series and also book 1 in The Big Sky Mevericks series.Austen is Paul s brother and I didn t like the way he treated Bailey and to be honest, I didn t like him at all and I wasn t sure how I ll feel about him as a hero of a book but I m happy to say that he redeemed himself in Nobody s Cowboy.Austen Zabrinski moved back home to Marietta, Montana after I was g

  9. Kerry Croucier Kerry Croucier says:

    Austen Zabrinski has come to his ranch in his hometown of Marietta to escape the fallout of the scandal threatening his political career He has the ranch and all the trimmings, but has mainly used it as a boys vacation in the past, and will be the first to admit he is not a cowboy Serena James has to scramble for a new place when funding the ranch she planned on buying falls through too close to the arrival of her Alpacas Paul Zabrinski s ranch next door to Austen s fits the bill perfectl Austen

  10. Denise Stout Denise Stout says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review Austen s been a cowboy in name only he s had people to run his ranch while he was being a big city lawyer political spin doctor Until, his name was erroneously run through the mud While his forensic account works on the trail to clear his name, he s hanging low and enjoying his ranch While riding, fate steps in and he s at his neighbor s place asking for help.Serena s starting over with her alpaca breeding business, hiding from a cyber st I receiv

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