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Melancholie der Ankunft Als Jhumpa Lahiri f r ihr Deb t mit dem Pulitzerpreisausgezeichnet wurde, ging ein Raunen durch die literarische Welt Seitwurde kein so junger Autor mehr ausgezeichnet wie die in New York lebende Tochter bengalischer Eltern Doch die Begeisterung von Lesern und Kritikern gab den Juroren Recht Niemand kann sich der Suggestion und Sch nheit von Lahiris Geschichten entziehen Ihre leisen Helden leben allesamt zwischen den Welten Da ist die Inderin Mrs Sen, die ihre Sehnsucht nach der verlorenen Heimat mit der Freundschaft zu einem amerikanischen Jungen kompensiert Da sind Shoba und Shukumar, die durch eine Fehlgeburt ihr lang ersehntes Baby verloren haben Brillante Geschichten ber Menschen im Spannungsfeld der sinnlichen Magie Indiens und der Verr cktheiten des amerikanischen Alltags buch

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  1. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    How s this for blurbs when the female author published this collection of short stories at age 32 in 1999, she won the Pulitzer Prize, the Pen Hemingway Award and the New Yorker s Debut Book of the Year Like the author s other collection of shorts that I have reviewed Unaccustomed Earth, 2008 these stories are about Bengali immigrants in the US from the Bengal area of India, around Kolkata formerly Calcutta There are about 250 million Ben

  2. Fabian Fabian says:

    You know a book is good when someone asks you for a synopsis, or snippet, or impression, and all you can do is smile there, enveloped in some subtle magic that only you know about, kinda forget what it was all about altogether This happened with Interpreter of Maladies , a perfectly titled collection of short stories about Indian Americans in India or in the U.S Their ages experiences range from children to marrieds to 103 year olds, from tou

  3. Brina Brina says:

    In 2000 Jhumpa Lahiri became the first Indian American to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her short story collection The Interpreter of Maladies In these nine poignant stories, Lahiri relates the Indian immigrant experience, connecting the tales and creating one voice for them The stories shared a sadness of being separated from one s family by thousands of miles, yet also offered a glimmer of hope for their lives in India or the United St

  4. Always Pouting Always Pouting says:

    I usually don t enjoy short stories that much Collections of short stories tend to have stories that are really strong mixed together with ones that aren t and this was no exception I do think the foreward for the kindle edition that I had contributed a lot to my enjoyment of the stories It really helped frame a connecting thread through out each story and tied it back to the title of the collection I m not sure if I would have enjoyed the stories as

  5. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    Writing short stories is not easy A novel is an easier literary form in a way it allows you the space for character and plot development and gives you the space to slowly fall in love with it Short story, on the other hand, is like literary speed dating it only has so much time to set itself apart and make a somewhat decent expression It s much easier for me to think of good novelists than good short story writers Let s try Hemingway, Poe, Bradbury, Chek

  6. Dolors Dolors says:

    Interpreter of maladiesevokes that space in limbo, that straddling identity of immigrants trying to start a new life abroad and the cultural displacement they suffer both in their native and adopted countries Enriched with colorful details of the Indian tradition, cuisine and celebrations, this collection of nine stories addresses the universal struggle of getting adapted to the ways of a foreign homeland without losing one s original roots.Lahiri s prose is

  7. Nishat Nishat says:

    In this stirring collection of short stories, Jhumpa Lahiri displays the diasporic struggle of men, assailed by nightmares of home, over the dilemma of assimilating into the new world or holding on to the past culture The author exhibits her majestic power of story telling with such grace and allure that the most wonderful thing happened to me today I seemed to have lost the sense of time while reading this splendid depiction of the plight of the homeless This d

  8. Jr Bacdayan Jr Bacdayan says:

    There are certain things in life that bewilder and baffle us with their staggering normality Things so simple yet unmistakably captivating, common place yet elegant, subtle yet profound Jumpa Lahiri s Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories is one of those things She writes with a grace and an elegance that transforms her simple stories into a delicate myriad of words and feelings Each story transforming you into a singularity bound to its harmonious beau

  9. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    I really enjoyed this collection pf short stories that won the Pulitzer in 2000 Lahiri s limpid text evokes the sadness and nostalgia of being an ex par something I can definitely identify with She has a wonderful word palette allowing her to create these small snapshots of life as a Bengali My favorite was the title story about a part time taxi driver taking an American family around to see temples near Calcutta The driver interprets for country people at a medical cli

  10. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    He learned not to mind the silencesJhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of MaladiesSome of the stories were brilliant, some were very good and only a couple were meh This novel captures for me the right tension between foreignness and loneliness and those small wires, crumbs of connection that bridge people and cultures Yeah, I dug it Personally, I don t care about awards See William H Gass And I really don t care that she s a woman other than the fact that I m trying to readwomen th

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