Meister Frantz and the Devil's Nightshade PDF/EPUB

Meister Frantz and the Devil's Nightshade (Hangman of Nuremberg Book 2) Free imperial city of NurembergMeister Frantz never meant to get involved in an ongoing investigation again But who d be better qualified to tell whether Anna Presiglin really hanged herself than the hangman of Nuremberg Just in time before the corpse is burned, town guard Max Leinfelder gets the executioner s take on her demise a blow to the neck Who killed her before stringing her up the husband, the lover or the robbers roaming the area Only one thing is certain Meister Frantz will be busy Then the victim s body disappears, horses get stolen and husbands find themselves on errant paths Max hardly knows who he should chase first Solving this complicated case even requires his wife Kathi to join in the hunt as a secret scout of the city council, a position both well paid and dangerous Very good book This is the second book in this series of the hangman of Nuremburg Again the hangman must solve a murder Set in the 1500 s , the book tells of the trials of a murderer, and how he tries to cover his crime Will the hangman solve the mystery and find the killer and how does he go about it

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Edith Parzefall studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States She worked as a technical writer, documentation manager and engineer tamer Now a full time writer, she strives to combine her two passions writing and travelling.

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