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Max Spaniel: Funny Lunch A hysterical lunchtime adventure from Bestselling author illustrator David CatrowDavid Catrow s loveable spaniel is back Readers will dine with delight as Chef Max serves up one hysterical meal after another at his very own diner New readers will laugh out load as Max s pizza pie special creates one wacky lunchtime

About the Author: David Catrow

David Catrow s favorite subject in school was math Why Well, Mr Hirsch s class was where Catrow did some of his best drawings Catrow s zany illustrations have illuminated over 30 books for kids, and his editorial cartoons are syndicated inthan 900 newspapers in the U.S and Canada Not bad for someone who started out as a pre med major at Kent State and later worked as a paramedic for ten years During this time Catrow also worked as a freelance artist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal Art finally emerged as his definitive career, and he s never stopped since This amusing illustrator and his wife, Deborah, live in Ohio and have two children When asked what would be the one thing he would like to learn to do, Catrow replied that he d like to learn to catch a Frisbee with his teeth It s this same offbeat sense of humor that truly colors his art There s no doubt that Catrow s work has brought chuckles, smiles and even smirks to the young and old Scholastic authors

10 thoughts on “Max Spaniel: Funny Lunch

  1. Ryan Ryan says:

    I wish there wereMax Spaniel books As far as I know this is the second of only two This easy reader is fun, and since it s catrow, you know the illustrations are amazing, and do half the work of telling the story This time, Max is a great chef Hat and all His speciality is Pizza But order a hot dog I d

  2. AD AD says:

    This is a funny book for newly independent readers to enjoy, especially if they love animals Only a few words per page and lots of enjoyable colour illustrations, and with a simple but entertaining storyline about Max Spaniel s adventures as a chef.

  3. N N says:

    I think children will find this comical.

  4. Sunni Sunni says:

    Very funny and good book This book is about a dog that thinks he is not a dog he is a chief He is very busy trying to make pizza s and it gets a little out of hand He has his friend along the way and he helps him This book shows children that things can get tough and crazy but at the end of the day you can still have fun with

  5. Laurie Laurie says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Horn Book Spring 2011 In his second story, dog Max Spaniel becomes a great chef, but when a tour bus driver orders one hundred pizzas with everything, Max knows he s in over his head The humorous text with numerous puns is easy to read Zany, exuberant wat

  6. Tasha Tasha says:

    This second Max Spaniel book offers mayhem and fun with a pizza theme Max is not a dog, he is a chef He and his cat friend have a restaurant where they serve pizzas When one customer refuses the special and orders chili instead, he is given a scarf, hat and mittens When another orders a hot dog, a panting dog with a fan is served Trouble arr

  7. Marcie Marcie says:

    This is the second in the series I have not read the first, but I look forward to reading it with kids in the Kindergarten where I volunteer next spring Although not an I can read, I m sure lots of kids will decode it and I think they will love the humor of chili dogs, hot dogs, and the rush to Joe s for the had tossed leaning towers of pizza I ll s

  8. Eagle Eagle says:

    The book I m reading is Funny Lunch.If you like fiction you will like this book.This book is about a dog that makes pizzas.This is a fiction book because dogs don t make pizzas.He goes around and asks if anyone wants the pizza of the day.Everyone says no.I think the author wrote this book to entertain.I would recommend this because it is funny.You can find

  9. Fjóla Fjóla says:

    Slightly less funny than Dinosaur Hunt and Best in Show, contrary to what I expected, but still a good read Fantastic illustrations Slightly less funny than Dinosaur Hunt and Best in Show, contrary to what I expected, but still a good read Fantastic illustrations

  10. Shelli Shelli says:

    Max is not a dog o.k yes he is still a dog, but in this adventure he is also a great chef Same silly characters you can always expect from David Catrow Makes for a fun book to share with your little ones.

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