March of the Penguins: Companion to the Major Motion

March of the Penguins: Companion to the Major Motion Picture This winning combination of vivid photographs and informative, inspiring text is the companion volume to the extraordinary surprise hit film deemed Irresistible by Entertainment Weekly Timed perfectly for the holidays and the November release of the DVD Read the incredible, endearing story of the Emporer penguins yearly Antarctic odyssey and the long months of endurance, self sacrifice and love as they raise a new generation of chicks

About the Author: Luc Jacquet

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the March of the Penguins: Companion to the Major Motion Picture book, this is one of the most wanted Luc Jacquet author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “March of the Penguins: Companion to the Major Motion Picture

  1. Nyctea Nyctea says:

    Molto belle le fotografie che ritraggono i pinguini imperatore e ancora di pi quelle meno consuete che mettono in risalto le architetture e le sfumature degli immensi ghiacci dell Antartide Il commento naturalistico invece non particolarmente accurato Luc Jaquet ha descritto la riproduzione dei pinguini come se stesse raccontando una storia romantica,

  2. Karen Reedy Karen Reedy says:

    I just LOVE penguins

  3. Nick Black Nick Black says:

    I bought this for 2.99, hoping it would entertain girls who d otherwise be intimidated by books about math Having twice elicited squeals of omfg penguins , it sthan paid for itself.

  4. Charles Charles says:

    The life cycle of the emperor penguin is amazing, they are incredibly adapted to life in the harshest environment on Earth, that of Antarctica, where the average temperature is 40 below zero Fahrenheit in the summer Their breeding and hatching grounds are miles away from the sea, which is the source of their food After the mother lays the egg, the father incubates it while the

  5. Shenice Martin Shenice Martin says:

    Awards NoneGrade Level N ASummary This book gives a detailed account of how penguins live in Antarctica The penguins travel miles and miles from see to get back to the place where it, its parents, and its grandparents were born to huddle together in the winter During the middle of winter the female penguins lay eggs and give it to the father to watch while it go back to sea for food Whe

  6. Dinora Sandoval Dinora Sandoval says:

    This book is about penguins that live in the harsh conditions of Antarctica To my surprise, this National Geographic book did not have many words and facts but it did contain a lot of images I would use this book in my classroom during an animal winter unit because it has realistic images and the read is not too overwhelming for students.

  7. Mary Ann Mary Ann says:

    Great still photos and information on making this movie.

  8. Dolly Dolly says:

    We seem to like to read a lot of books about penguins and somewhere along the way, one of the reviewers highly recommended this book Oh, dear, I thought to myself I had tried to take our girls to this movie when they were much too young Morgan Freeman s deep and soothing voice combined with jaw dropping visuals of Antarctica and a year in the life of this majestic creature How could I go wrong Well, our girls wer

  9. Chelsea Smith Chelsea Smith says:

    I absolutely loved this book The pictures are marvelous, facts are amazing, and information is good for young learners to know This work is great for a read aloud for young students and one that is good for independent reading for students at a second or third grade reading level or higher.

  10. Jess Jess says:

    I was tagging books today and found this one on the shelf It s the companion book to the documentary It is so cute, taking you along the journey that penguins go through to have babies Great photos, great writing

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