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Makhi Enforcer Makhi didn t expect to fall for a woman However, one look at the new female in need of defending brings out the dead emotions of his incubus Be it the fates will to bless him as her counterpart, he plans to teach her the fine art of self control and satisfy her on every level imaginableKamaria Valentin is scared for her life Blackouts, strange cravings for violence and blood have plagued her for the last two years Add hot sex dreams with a nameless face and she s one hot mess Ready to break, the need for answers pushes her to free herself from the prison holding her a drugged captiveCaedon Bolton searches for the lost Deities looking for home, for sanctuary One night a vulnerable soul screams out to him in her dreams, he must find her and save her from the brink of death Once he has Kama in his arms, Caedon realizes only he can give her the emotional support she craves

10 thoughts on “Makhi

  1. Raquel Vega-Grieder Raquel Vega-Grieder says:

    Mahalia has written one HOT story Not only is there some HOT action and a m nage trois going on, but there is also at the heart of this story, a broken young woman who must find the courage to drag herself out of her fear filled nightmare

  2. Renee Renee says:

    Mahalia has written one GREAT story Kama is such a messed up person at first because she thinks she s crazy Makhi and Caedon convince her that she is not crazy, but a mix of succubus and hell kitten They also convince her that with their love

  3. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore CoffeeTimeRomance andMore says:

    I have never read a story with such an intriguing take on the demon world, and I found the concept thoroughly enticing However, I did find the levels of hell and many of its main players are introduced in such a rapid fire succession it is at tim

  4. Rachel Firasek Rachel Firasek says:

    This world that has Mahalia Levey has created brings a fresh feel to the erotic romance genre I totally enjoyed the story and look forward to getting to know the rest of her characters in this series

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