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Lost Son Spanning western Europe fromtoand presenting a gothic historical Paris that subverts our old assumptions regarding the City of Light, M Allen Cunningham s new novel brings a brooding atmosphere and human complexity to an intimate and imaginative portrait of one of the most uniquely sensitive artists of his time, a poet whose odd childhood and difficult early life will both fascinate and perhaps help explain his determination to stay true to his artistic vision at almost any cost Here is Rainer Maria Rilke in the grip of his greatest artistic struggle life itselfRilke s gripping emotional drama as child, lover, husband, father, prot g , misfit soldier, and wanderer is framed by a haunted young figure, a researcher who, a century later, feels compelled to trace Rilke s itinerant footsteps and those of Rilke s fictional alter ego, the bewitched poet Malte Laurids Brigge The result is an exploration of the forever imperfect loyalties we face in work and life, the seemingly immeasurable distances that can separate life and art, and the generational tensions between masters and admirers

10 thoughts on “Lost Son

  1. Josh Karaczewski Josh Karaczewski says:

    A book that should be drank slow as an aged whiskey it requires a patient and refined palate to process all of the overtones of solitude, the origins and sacrifices of creativity how difficult and anxious the attempt to express the flavor of your experiences the dangers and doubts of the path you ve chosen Drink it too fast and the language will inebriate you, dulling your ability t

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Still trying to decide exactly what I think of this book I love this genre of novelesque pseudo biography, and I certainly learned a lot about Rilke things that made me rather sad for him, to be honest But I m not as sure that I love this guy s approach to the genre, and the book requires a significant time investment Also, I wanted to know about Rilke s whole life, not just up to and sli

  3. Kc Kc says:

    This biographical novel of the life of poet Rainer Maria Rilke contained I think too much detail The author I think was hampered by a lack of raw material and was therefore forced to make too much of the letters and other sources he had It was interesting mostly in its depiction of the life of a starving poet in Europe and the relationship between Rilke and Rodin provided an unusual insight int

  4. Alfred Garrotto Alfred Garrotto says:

    Novel based on the life of poet Rainer Maria Rilke Stunningly beautiful writing An amazing young talent, While I don t find Rilke a particularly interesting person I am pull through the book, word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.

  5. Rita Rita says:

    Couldn t get into this one Two renewals and wasn t even half way through To cerebral I guess On to fluff

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