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Loophole of the Gods (Man Zero, #1) ★ Witness the Genesis of America's Newest HardBoiled Detective: Man Zero, in this Deeply Immersive Psychological Technothriller Mystery! ★Can a girl be murdered if she was never born? It's a paradox at the core of an astonishing case, one that exhumes horrific memories for one private investigatorOver a year ago, Jesse Davenport, PI plummeted into hell when he lost his only child 'Lainey' to a brutal murder Thrown in jail and put on trial for executing her killers in a blind rage, he ultimately escaped conviction, but not the persecuting eyes of the public So, isolated in his allconsuming grief, he retreated into the shattered remains of his life, shielding himself from the worldThen, when the world comes knocking with sledgehammer, Jesse's shield is obliterated by a copycat case of Lainey's murder A copycat made shocking—the victim was never bornDr Nicoletta Albescu, bereaved ‘mother’ of the current victim is determined to be his latest client by any means necessary Her daughter's name was Adrianna, a girl who was anything but normalshe was created in a militaryindustrial lab But no matter how real this eccentric billionaire professes her ‘daughter’ to be, Jesse refuses to join Dr Albescu in her delusion In her world, though, she's used to getting what she wants and goes to extreme lengths to manipulate Jesse into taking her caseTake it, he does reluctantly… and is plunged into a battle between selfproclaimed gods for control of this worldchanging AI tech As he tracks down Adrianna's killers, he learns that absolutely nothing, present or past, is what it seems The wicked truth of why he’s targeted ignites his vengeance against those ‘gods’ he must overcome Some of those gods are trying to stop him Some gods seek to control him But others They intend to kill him

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