Literature and Union: Scottish Texts, British Contexts PDF

Literature and Union: Scottish Texts, British Contexts Literature and Union opens up a new front in interdisciplinary literary studies There has been a great deal of academic work both in the Scottish context and broadly on the relationship between literature and nationhood, yet almost none on the relationship between literature and unions This volume introduces the insights of the new British history into mainstream Scottish literary scholarship The contributors, who are from all shades of the political spectrum, will interrogate from various angles the assumption of a binary opposition between organic Scottish values and those supposedly imposed by an overbearing imperial EnglandViewing Scottish literature as a clash between Scottish and English identities loses sight of the internal Scottish political and religious divisions, which, far than issues of nationhood and union, were the primary sources of conflict in Scottish culture for most of the period of Union, until at least the early twentieth centuryThe aim of the volume is to reconstruct the story of Scottish literature along lines which are historically persuasive than those of the prevailing grand narratives in the field The chapters fall into three groupsthose which highlight canonical moments in Scottish literary Unionism John Bull, Rule, Britannia , Humphry Clinker, Ivanhoe and England, their Englandthose which investigate key themes and problems, including the Unions ofand , Scottish Augustanism, the Burns Cult, Whig Presbyterian and sentimental Jacobite literatures andcomparative pieces on European and Anglo Irish phenomena

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