Life's Extras ePUB Ú Hardcover

Life's Extras A wonderful little book of meditations which illustrates Rutledge s love of nature, his deep faith and his spiritual vision Line drawings by Rutledge Great for gift giving and personal inspiration, this book was once given by Henry Ford to all twenty five thousand of his employees

About the Author: Archibald Rutledge

Archibald Hamilton Rutledge 1883 1973 was a South Carolina poet laureate He is remembered as one of America s best loved outdoor writers His short stories appeared in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream, plus he wrotethan 50 books including An American Hunter 1937 , Old Plantation Days 1907 and Wild Life of the South 1935.

10 thoughts on “Life's Extras

  1. Lori Lori says:

    This book came across my desk as I was withdrawing a duplicate copy It was short enough that I decided to give it a read Rutledge, a South Carolina poet and educator, takes life moments to show God s greatness and the beauty of His creation The life sketches are illustrated with drawings done by B Hay Gilbert which compliment the text I enjoyed the drawingsthan the n

  2. Pamela Poole Pamela Poole says:

    A beautifully written little book about how inspiring the simple things in life are It reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci s lament the people don t actually take time to observe the marvelous things that surround them on a daily basis Very thought provoking, packed with delicious descriptions.

  3. Lydia Grace Lydia Grace says:

    God gives us the necessities of life for our bodies and the extras for our spirits This was an interesting and random little book Nothing much to glean.

  4. Terri Fleming Terri Fleming says:

    Another one of my all time favorites This is a great reminder to stop and look at the daisies I found this book at a small used book store that won t be selling books for much longer This world will be missing one of its greatest treasures when all of these book stores are gone I love everything about an old used book store especially when I find a great copy of one of the

  5. Drew Miller Drew Miller says:

    What a lovely, whimsical little meditation on the unnecessary graces of life As charming as it is brief.

  6. Hunter Q Lee Hunter Q Lee says:

    U have this little book five stars simply because that was the most allowed It is such a soothing, relaxing book However, it is ,in my opinion, a very profound and thought provoking book.

  7. Emma Lou Emma Lou says:

    A sweet little book of uplifting ways to look at and appreciate all the beauty in nature, reminding you of the little miracles in life Perfect size to read in just a few minuets, giving you a reason to smile and find meaning in things any time you need.

  8. Margaret Margaret says:

    Very encouraging stuff Interesting illustrations, too.

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Carolyn let me borrow this after a passage was read at a friends wedding.

  10. Ronald Ronald says:

    Great little book of meditation on life.

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