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Lezione di paura Quando Andrew, Autumn, Mariah e Ned vedono affisso alla bacheca della scuola un foglietto che annuncia l inizio d un misterioso Corso Serale e decidono di parteciparvi, non hanno la minima idea di quale sia la materia insegnata e, se la avessero, fuggirebbero a gambe levate Perch quel Corso Serale diverso da ogni altro un corso sulla paura e, seguendolo, i quattro giovani impareranno a muoversi come ombre sugli oscuri sentieri della notte, lasciandosi dietro una scia di terrore e disperazione

10 thoughts on “Lezione di paura

  1. Ken Ken says:

    When Mariah signs up for evening classes, little did she know what she was letting herself in forA pretty forgettable entry in the series.

  2. Autumn H Autumn H says:

    The book that I have read is a good, thrilling book by Caroline B Cooney called Night School This book could be categorized as scary and people may judge the book by its cover Night School kind of has a cover to be judged It has scary writing and people who are also eerie But it has a great lesson to lear

  3. Sonia Critchlow Sonia Critchlow says:

    So it took me less than a day to read the entire book I do like the horror point series, but sometimes the endings are a little disappointing I found this one just so Overall it was a good story but the ending was flat.

  4. Varsha Varsha says:

    I came across this book in its scholastic version edition.It has suspense and some daunting moments But it also unexpectedly has a great lesson to learn in it In Night School, four teenagers have to choice an SC This gets them thinking as to if they are an ETS, TTS or an ITS They have to decide whether they

  5. Mary Mary says:

    A light horror novel from Caroline B Cooney An unlikely group of students comes together for a variety of reasons to attend Night School a class that is and isn t what they expected They learn something about themselves and something about each other and no one turns out to be exactly as you expected Worth r

  6. Anne Anne says:

    I liked it since I m a Caroline B Cooney fan for life, but this particular book isn t one of my favorites Like other readers mentioned, it s very short The book just ends and you re like, wait Where s the rest of it Is there a Night School 2 Guess readers will just have to create an ending for themselves.

  7. Sam Sam says:

    Not one of my favourite point horror s but still enjoyable, the story is inventive and original and it will have you wondering whether such things really go on and whether you have been chosen by a night class as the subject

  8. J. Taylor J. Taylor says:

    One of my favourite horrors from when I was a kid and still love it now.

  9. El Kane El Kane says:

    Ends so abruptly

  10. Stephanie Davies Stephanie Davies says:

    I don t remember much about this one, other than the fact that I loved it as a pre teen bookworm Very evil.

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