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La linea d'ombra La linea d ombra quella che ci avverte di dover lasciare alle spalle le regioni della prima giovent Alle prime avvisaglie di giovinezza finita il protagonista di questo classico racconto di Conrad decide di lasciare il mare e i tropici Ma nell albergo dove attende la nave che lo rimpatrii uno dei tipici alberghi conradiani dei Mari del Sud, abitati da relitti umani e avventurieri misteriosi gli si presenta la grande occasione un posto da capitano E il viaggio un tipico viaggio conradiano, su un veliero come stregato dal ricordo del precedente capitano morto pazzo, su un mare disperatamente immobile, con un equipaggio estenuato dalle febbri, marinai scheletrici che non hanno pi forza per manovrar le vele, in attesa di un soffio di vento che dissipi l incantesimo

About the Author: Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad born J zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized account of Colonial Africa.Conrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner He then began to work aboard British ships, learning English from his shipmates He was made a Master Mariner, and servedthan sixteen years before an event inspired him to try his hand at writing.He was hired to take a steamship into Africa, and according to Conrad, the experience of seeing firsthand the horrors of colonial rule left him a changed man Joseph Conrad settled in England in 1894, the year before he published his first novel He was deeply interested in a small number of writers both in French and English whose work he studied carefully This was useful when, because a need to come to terms with his experience, lead him to write Heart of Darkness, in 1899, which was followed by other fictionalized explorations of his life.He has been lauded as one of the most powerful, insightful, and disturbing novelists in the English canon despite coming to English later in life, which allowed him to combine it with the sensibilities of French, Russian, and Polish literature.

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    Typhoon and other Tales, Joseph ConradTyphoon is a novella by Joseph Conrad, begun in 1899 and serialized in Pall Mall Magazine in January March 1902 Its first book publication was in New York by Putnam in 1902 it was also published in Britain in Typhoon and Other Stories by Heinemann in 1903 Typhoon is a classic s

  2. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    a man should stand up to his bad luck, to his mistakes, to his conscience and all that sort of thing Why what else would you have to fight againstJoseph Conrad, The Shadow LineOne of Conrad s later novels This one was published in 1917 The story is pretty straight forward, the plot direct It isn t an elaborate story, but

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    THE SHADOW LINE A CONFESSIONThe novella opens up with a young narrator, who actually does a pretty good of explaining the novel s title the shadow line in the first paragraphOnly the young have such moments I don t mean the very young No The very young have, properly speaking, no moments It is the privilege of early youth to liv

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad describes that demarcation line in the journey of life that divides the happy, bright, fantastic and irresponsible youth with the darker ages of manhood Conrad goes on to delineate this vision as being beyond the charm and innocence of illusions The Shadow Line is one of his most accomplished nautical t

  5. Bruce Bruce says:

    This novella, told in the first person by a young Englishman who is unnamed, is set, as are so many of Conrad s stories, in a seaport in the Far East The narrator has suddenly resigned a comfortable position as mate on a ship, apparently resigning what he acknowledges is a good position in a fit of vague malaise, a sense of inexplicable dissa

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    I feel that Joseph Conrad is slowly becoming neglected by the general reading public There is nothing scientific in my observations Rather, it s anecdotal I know only one person who reads Conrad and sings his praises Perhaps Conrad has been overshadowed by novels that appear to beeasily digested Perhaps Conrad, like D H Lawrence and William Faulkner


    Joseph Conrad pens this fictionalized autobiography, which, for the most part is going to be difficult if not impossible to describe Were I able to tell you, however, you would have the sense of it in the same way that you experience a fly buzzing the ether unseen Enthralled within the movement of words, with eyes not wanting to leave the page, you will he

  8. Keith Keith says:

    Middling Conrad is still leagues ahead of most everything else He sticks to the autobiographical script, probably to the story s detriment it could have used a bit of embroidery As it is, we, like the narrator, wait for the thunder and fear the lightning but get precious little of either Had Conrad the energy to developof the crew as characters, there might have

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    Free download available at Project Gutenberg Worthy of my undying regard To Borys And All Others Who,Like Himself, Have Crossed In Early YouthThe Shadow Line Of Their Generation With Love D autre fois, calme plat, grand miroir De mon desespoir BAUDELAIRE2 Amy Foster2 The Secret Agent3 Heart of Darkness3 The Secret Sharer3 The Lagoon4 Lord Jim4 Victory3 The Shadow LineTR

  10. Eddie Clarke Eddie Clarke says:

    A very beautiful late novella by Conrad, returning to the naval themes of his first books It follows the course of the youthful, inexperienced hero s first voyage as a captain of his own sailing ship He is rushed out to Bangkok to pick up his ship with its existing crew.It transpires the previous captain was a madman who replaced the ship s medicine cabinet with opium it s not

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