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L'odore del fieno Raccolta diracconti che riprendono la dolce e incatata atmosfera ferrarrese Di carattere quasi del tutto oggettivo all inizio, questi racconti restringono progressivamente il campo fino alla soggettivita assoluta del finale brano di autobiografia artistica in cui si compie la piena identificazione tra l io scrivente e lo scrittore uomo

10 thoughts on “L'odore del fieno

  1. Fionnuala Fionnuala says:

    This sixth volume in Giorgio Bassani s Ferrare cycle is a collection of short stories, essays, and interviews The essays and interviews give a glimpse of a literary figure who has confidence in his body of work but who feels out of step with his generation, aware and having been made aware by his

  2. Teresa Teresa says:

    Of all the works in The Novel of Ferrara, this is the only one that is best read after you ve read all the others It seems to be a collection of fragments though, fragments that seem, mostly, complete Some pieces might ve been parts of stories that never made it into a final version, and now read as

  3. Inderjit Sanghera Inderjit Sanghera says:

    A collection of wonderful short stories, Bassani takes several rare excursions outside of Ferrara, other the cast of characters will remain familiar to those who have read his Ferrarese novels the lachrymose and recalcitrant, the lonely and the jilted, Bassani is able to pain them all via his subtle bush

  4. Josefina Wagner Josefina Wagner says:

    ok ince bir kitap e itli yk lerden olu an basit ama g zel yk ler hepsini be enmesemde o u fena de ildi.

  5. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    The past is not dead the very structure of the story asserted it never dies Although it moves further away at every passing moment This final volume of the Ferrara stories is a mixed collection of stories some feel mere fragments plus Bassani s own ruminations on his books and his literary engagement with the co

  6. Büşra Büşra says:

    Kankim tam anlayamad m sen yahudi miydin.

  7. Greg Greg says:

    You can snort all the white dust you like, f till you slip a disc, you can even aspire to the occasional act of sodomy But after all that What really counts, even in such things, is that ever overlooked and undervalued attribute sheer graft, writes Bassani Among other lessons, is life really all about money, which may h

  8. Maureen Maureen says:

    Sadly this book feels like left over or added on chapters to Bassani s other great books A disappointment.

  9. Lysergius Lysergius says:

    Another half dozen short stories from the pen of Giorgio Bassani, the last of which is an essay on composition by the author, which gives some insights into the creative process as experienced by Bassani.Having read these and noted the resonances to the earlier stories in Romanzo di Ferrara series, one wants to go back to the b

  10. Zeren Zeren says:

    Bassani ile bu denli anla amayaca m z tahmin etmemi tim.

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