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Josephine : A Life of the Empress Alluring, wealthy, and married to the conqueror of Europe, Josephine appeared inas the most favored woman in France but her actual life was far darker Erickson brings the complex, charming, ever resilient Josephine to life

About the Author: Carolly Erickson

Distinguished historian Carolly Erickson is the author of The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette, The First Elizabeth, Great Catherine, Alexandra and many other prize winning works of fiction and nonfiction She lives in Hawaii.http author caroll

10 thoughts on “Josephine : A Life of the Empress

  1. Lois Lois says:

    So I m reading a biography of Napoleon and referencing this to cross check relevant info I had forgotten just how offensive this biography was.The author portrays the slave uprising as horrific and worse than chattel slavery Chattel slavery was awful and what the revolting enslaved peoples did to their former oppressors wasn t anywhere near as awful as what those oppressors had been doing to them for centuries To focus on the violence of the revolt and not once mention the violenc

  2. Naomi Naomi says:

    I listened to the audiobook version of this I spent the first few chapters confused as to why I was listening the a biography of some chick named Rose Tascher from Martinique Clearly I was not familiar at all with the subject I had to Google Rose de Beauharnaise to find out they were the same person Derf This was a really revealing story and so sad for both Josephine and Napolean, but not in the tragic, romantic way I had previously heard and partially remember from the tv miniseries in

  3. Linda Linda says:

    Carolly Erickson has made a career of writing biographies of history s female royalty Josephine tells the story of the legendary Josephine Beauharnais Bonaparte Born of impoverished minor aristocrats who grew sugar cane on island of Martinique, Josephine, then called Rose, grew up far from the grandeur of the Paris of Louis XVI and Maria Antoinette Her childhood was an indolent one, steeped in the magic of the Caribbean, and her formal education was mediocre at best When it came time for mar Ca

  4. London SE4 London SE4 says:

    As they say, behind a great man there is a great woman Josephine had a remarkable life, from her youth in luscious, exotic Martinique, to a loveless arranged marriage in Paris We see her pulling through constant worries, lack of money, the French Revolution, prison and politics, children to raise and the execution of her husband, Alexandre de Beauharnais.A young widow, surrounded by rich friends and lovers, always elegantly dressed she was not beautiful, but fascinating, full of grace and swe As they

  5. Kate Lawrence Kate Lawrence says:

    Erickson is a fine writer who maintains admirable focus and pace in recounting an amazing life She combines a sympathetic, almost novelistic style with solid research, documented in endnotes.Josephine s rise from an impoverished girl from the boondocks the tiny island of Martinique to the empress of France shows what can be accomplished with beauty and savvy social skills plus a fortuitous aristocratic connection Despite her fame, glamor and wealth though, who would want to change places wit Erickson is a fi

  6. MissSusie MissSusie says:

    When I got this book I thought it was historical fiction, when it arrived it said it was a biography So I thought ok but even as I was reading it I wasn t sure if it was a novel or a biography, it definitely reads like a novel.I guess I didn t know much about Josephine when I started this book but I always thought that Napoleon Josephine had this great love story but according to this book that s not the case.It was ok it did read like a novel at first then got a bit boring towards the end wh When I got this book I

  7. Steena Steena says:

    I do not have a large interest in Josephine Bonaparte but found this book easily digestible and a great source of interesting information on the one time Empress of France It was not, as I thought, historical fiction but a true biography Much to my enjoyment it was a very descriptive and entertaining biography I enjoyed the audio book immensely and might not have found it so engaging as a print read.

  8. Nadine Nadine says:

    I think the author assumes too much Her historical research here is questionable, but the book was readable nonetheless.

  9. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook I think I was in just the right mood for it I didn t know much about Empress Josephine, but I love reading about the French Revolution and I ve always been interested in the Napoleonic Wars Also, I have spring fever, so I think I would have enjoyed just about whatever I was listening to while soaking up the sun and the slightly above freezing March temperatures There were a few drawbacks I didn t love the voice of the narrator My husband heard her readin I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook I think I

  10. Julia B Julia B says:

    This is an excellent biography, about as far as you can get from a dry, dusty textbook Erickson s book is full of vivid description and interesting detail Before reading this, my only knowledge of Josephine came from reading a historical novel by the same author I very much enjoyed it, and although it gave me some of the basics about her life, I wanted to knowof her true story Josephine or Rose, as she was previously known , lived a turbulent life, surviving deadly storms, prison duri This is an excellent biography, about as far as you can ge

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