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Jean Paul zum Vergnügen Wenn Ihr w sstet, wie wenig ich nach JPF Richter frage ein unbedeutender Wicht aber ich wohne darin, im Wicht Jean Paul

About the Author: Jean Paul Friedrich Richter

Jean Paul was born at Wunsiedel, in the Fichtelgebirge mountains Bavaria His father was an organist at Wunsiedel In 1765 he became a pastor at Joditz near Hof, and in 1767 at Schwarzenbach, but he died on 25 April 1779, leaving the family in great poverty After attending the Gymnasium at Hof, Jean Paul went in 1781 to the University of Leipzig His original intention was to enter his father s profession, but theology did not interest him, and he soon devoted himself wholly to the study of literature Unable to maintain himself at Leipzig he returned in 1784 to Hof, where he lived with his mother From 1787 to 1789 he served as a tutor at T pen, a village near Hof and from 1790 to 1794 he taught the children of several families in a school he had founded in nearby Schwarzenbach.Jean Paul began his career as a man of letters with Gr nl ndische Prozesse Greenland Lawsuits , published anonymously in Berlin and Auswahl aus des Teufels Papieren Selections from the Devil s Papers , signed J P F Hasus , the former of which was issued in 1783 84, the latter in 1789 These works were not received with much favour, and in later life Richter himself had little sympathy for their satirical tone A spiritual crisis he suffered on 15 November 1790, in which he had a vision of his own death, altered his outlook profoundly His next book, Die unsichtbare Loge The Invisible Lodge , a romance published in 1793 under the pen name Jean Paul in honour of Jean Jacques Rousseau , had all the qualities that were soon to make him famous, and its power was immediately recognized by some of the best critics of the day.Encouraged by the reception of Die unsichtbare Loge, Richter composed a number of books in rapid succession Hesperus 1795 , Biographische Belustigungen unter der Gehirnschale einer Riesin 1796 , Leben des Quintus Fixlein 1796 , Der Jubelsenior 1797 , and Das Kampaner Tal 1797 Also among these was the novel Blumen Frucht und Dornenst cke, oder Ehestand, Tod und Hochzeit des Armenadvokaten Siebenk s in 1796 97 The book s slightly supernatural theme, involving a Doppelg nger and pseudocide, stirred some controversy over its interpretation of the Resurrection, but these criticisms served only to draw awareness to the author This series of writings assured Richter a place in German literature, and during the rest of his life every work he produced was welcomed by a wide circle of admirers.After his mother s death in 1797, Richter went to Leipzig, and in the following year to Weimar, where he started work on his most ambitious novel, Titan, published between 1801 02 Richter became friends with such Weimar notables as Herder, by whom he was warmly appreciated, but despite their close proximity, Richter never become close to Goethe and Schiller, both of whom found his literary methods repugnant but in Weimar, as elsewhere, his remarkable conversational powers and his genial manners made him a favorite in general society In 1801 he married Caroline Meyer, whom he had met in Berlin the year before They lived first at Meiningen, then at Coburg and finally, in 1804, they settled at Bayreuth.Here Richter spent a quiet, simple and happy life, constantly occupied with his work as a writer In 1808 he was fortunately delivered from anxiety about outward necessities by Prince Primate Karl Theodor von Dalberg, who gave him a pension Titan was followed by Flegeljahre 1804 5 , two works which he himself regarded as his masterpieces His later imaginative works were Dr Katzenbergers Badereise 1809 , Des Feldpredigers Schmelzle Reise nach Fl tz 1809 , Leben Fibels 1812 , and Der Komet, oder Nikolaus Marggraf 1820 22 In Vorschule der Aesthetik 1804 he expounded his ideas on art he discussed the principles of education in Levana, oder Erziehungslehre 1807 and the opinions suggestedEnglish wikipedia wikipedia

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