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Java Me Game Programming [With CDROM] Get ready to create your own JME game This updated edition to the popular JME Game Programming provides updated sofware coverage as well as updates to the programming approaches specific to Java ME software It also covers the recent innovations in mobile games with relations to iPods and cell phones You will learn the essentials of JME game development from the ground up Throughout the book you will discover the issues involved in developing for multiple target devices and how to work through the jungle of device specific libraries and device capabilities Working on a limited platform it is important to squeeze as much as you can out of those precious bytes, so in this book you will find the tools and source code you need to get the most out of the constrained resources You will also learn how to structure your code and classes to achieve as small an application footprint as possible As you work toward developing your own JME game, you ll examine the game lifecycle, how to handle resources, various methods of drawing to the screen, optimizing memory usage, handling the users input, and even sharing high scores online Previous experience in programming object oriented languages and a basic level of math skills is recommended

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  1. Horia Horia says:

    It appears that the authors aimedto have a big book than to have a good quality book.The code examples are explained in too much detail repetitively e.g the explanation is in the same detail for chapter 11 as it is for chapter 6, while there is not a lot of new stuff in chapter.The actual gaming start very late in the book and is very basic.The code examples are writte

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