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Jasmine Intrigue, betrayal, family secrets, forbidden passions this tale of adventure and suspense links the Tiananmen Massacre ofand the Kobe earthquake ofthrough the story of Akihiko Waki, who is living a quiet life as a think tank director in Kobe, Japan, when he hears rumours that his father, presumed long dead, is in fact alive and in danger Akihiko undertakes a dangerous journey to China, and in Shanghai learns that what he thought he knew about his father is in fact far from the truth Here he meets the intriguingly secretive actress Li Xing, who as a pro democracy activist is herself in danger, and as events gather pace Akihiko s search for his father also becomes a desperate battle to save her from the brutal authoritiesThis new translation of a Japanese novelist famed for his creation of suspense and his Hitchcock style plotting is a rewarding and gripping read This new translation of a Japanese novelist famed for his creation of suspense and his Hitchcock style plotting is a rewarding and gripping read

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  1. Tenma Tenma says:

    Jasmine is an incredible novel and a worthwhile read Although written by a Japanese with a Japanese main character, Aki, a significant portion of the novel takes place in China, and particularly in Shanghai It is primarily a romantic novel with a political backdrop and themes of a spy thriller It is also very unusual in that it deals with the Sino Japan relationshi

  2. Christian Christian says:

    I have mixed feelings about it It s well written, the descriptions are evocative and make you feel like you re there It goes back and forth between Japan and China and there were a couple of Chinese words here and there which kind of made me want to pick up my dusty Assimil book The plot is uneven the mixture of spy, romance and quest to find the protagonist s fathe

  3. Bridget Bridget says:

    Jasmine is an epic tale set between two very different countries Spanning generations, filled with intrigue, tragedy, and the intricate delicacy of the art of drinking tea.The storyAki is a successful middle aged Japanese business man who is travelling through his life in an average way His wife died some years ago, and his only family are his younger half sister an

  4. S. S. says:

    Tsujihara demonstrates that Japanese novelists are capable of the straight literary novel as opposed to the surrealist post modern piece or purely crowd pleasing thriller hit Jasmine takes on the extremely tough issue of Sino Japanese relationships against the backdrop of the 1989 Tiananmen affair and the 95 Kobe earthquake Mo Hayder told us in tokyo that the country

  5. Alex Alex says:

    This may as well have been called Nobody is faithful to their marriage partner or to anyone else for that matter, the intrigue runs high in this one Nevertheless, a great read especially if you re interested in learningabout how the people of China have dealt with their crazy government over the years, or if you re just looking for good high stakes suspense novel It wa

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