Japan's Gestapo: Murder, Mayhem and Torture in Wartime

Japan's Gestapo: Murder, Mayhem and Torture in Wartime Asia Japan s military and secret police, the Kempetai,carried out a reign of terror against captive Asian nations, Allied POWs, and Japanese citizens throughout World War II This history explains the origins, command structure, and role of the Kempetai apparatus, revealing their criminal and collaborationist networks It examines biological and chemical experiments on live subjects, the gulags for POWs, and slave labor, including the so called comfort women, as well as their campaign of revenge after theDoolittle raid on Tokyo Calling their actions genocide on a grand scale, the author backs up his text with firsthand testimonies from survivors

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  1. I-330 I-330 says:

    Kempeitai Corpul Soldatilor Legii Generalul Hideki Tojo, prim ministru si ministru de razboi al Japoniei parintele Kempeitai Crimele comise de Kempeitai rivalizeaza, ca intindere si cruzime, cu cele ale Gestapoului german, iar in multe cazuri, japonezii au mers mult mai departe pe calea raului absolut Kempeitai a fost produsul urii istorice, neincrederii si fricii Japo

  2. Mike Mike says:

    A fairly quick read, sickening though Tough to work through some of the atrocities committed by the Kempeitai during WWII I was familiar with their activities from other books, but this one goes into a bitdetail, it is obvious that the author did his research.Felton also suggests that 100s if not 1000s of British and Allied POWs could have been saved from execution even af

  3. Volgyesi Giorgio Volgyesi Giorgio says:

    Great book it has a detailed context of the brutal behavior japanese soldiers had during the WW2, i trully recommend it

  4. James King James King says:

    Very well written and informative.

  5. Alex Taylor Alex Taylor says:

    well written

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