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Jakob der Lügner One of the most remarkable novels of the Holocaust ever written, Jakob the Liar is a tale of everyday heroism and the extraordinary power of illusion Set in an unnamed German occupied ghetto, the story centers on an unlikely hero, Jakob Heym, who accidentally overhears news of vital importance the Russians are advancing on a city three hundred miles away As Jakob s tidings rekindle hope and the promise of liberation, he feels compelled to elaborate Forming a protective bond with a young orphan girl, Jakob becomes caught in his own web of optimistic lies Awarded Germany s prestigious Heinrich Mann Prize for fiction and in a new translation by Leila Vennewitz, Jakob the Liar is a masterpiece of Kafkaesque comedy which unfolds with the impact of a timeless folk legend

10 thoughts on “Jakob der Lügner

  1. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    First, forget everything you may remember about the movie Jacob the Liar with Robin Williams That movie is totally NOT representative of this excellent novel.Read the book instead.Jacob the Liar takes place in the d Ghetto in 1944 Returning home from work one night, Jacob Heym is caught in the spotlight of a guard who tells Jacob he is out past the 8 o clock c

  2. The Literary Chick The Literary Chick says:

    Fairy tale as hope.Set in a Polish ghetto under Nazi occupation, Jacob Heym is walking one night when a guard, playing mind games with him, tells him he is out past curfew and to report to the police station where Jews have been seen entering but never leaving to turn himself in and ask for his well deserved punishment While in there with his heart in his throat,

  3. Marc Marc says:

    A ghetto, somewhere in Eastern Europe, arond 1943 1944 poor Jakob Heym by coincidence hears a radiomessage in the German headquarters and concludes that the Germans are on the run for the Russians Jakob spreads the news, lying that he has heard it on his own illegal radio, and the ghetto reawakens, everybody is making plans again, the suicide numbers crumble But his l

  4. yellow tree yellow tree says:

    coldest darkness in bright colors that s how i would describe that book in a few words after getting over the first couple of pages, which were rather arduous, the suspense grew and grew until it almost became unbearable the characters at first seemed fairly strange, but the farther i got thei could hope and feel desperate with them the pressure that lay on jakob grew ins

  5. Amy Hustead Amy Hustead says:

    Fantastic book and great movie

  6. Elizabeth (Alaska) Elizabeth (Alaska) says:

    There are many holocaust stories out there, but this is an aspect I have not encountered The Germans are, for the most part, nameless The Jews are in the ghetto with lives and relationships and fear and despair It is about one man s courage and how it can affect an entire community.I was surprised this took me a bit longer to read than I had anticipated I don t know if the transl

  7. Shannon Lionheart Shannon Lionheart says:

    What is the matter, little princess Why don t you come out into the sunshine any And so she told him, too, that she was sick and wouldn t get well again until someone brought her a cloud The garden boy thought for a bit, then exclaimed, But that s quite easy, little princess Is it the princess asked in surprise Is it quite easy All the wise men in the land have been racking their bra

  8. Henry Sturcke Henry Sturcke says:

    This novel is written in a discursive, colloquial style As in Conrad s Lord Jim, a garrulous storyteller perhaps he sits at a table in a tavern just talks If you ve ever tried to write like that, you know what an achievement Becker s result is.The title figure is Jakob Heym One evening, through a comic but frightening misadventure, he hears a bit of news that was only meant for German ea

  9. Jackie Bertsch Jackie Bertsch says:

    Jakob the Liar is about a Jewish man who is being held in a Ghetto When he gets into trouble with a German look out he is forced to go into the Military office where he hears news that the Red Army is getting close to the Ghetto where he is being held prisoner He is so excited he has to tell someone, he tells his friend Mischa, Jackob can t just tell him he went to the Military office so he

  10. Maryann Maryann says:

    Jakob lives in the ghetto, as WWII rages on and the Germans persecute him and the rest of the Jews He accidentally hears a report that the Russians have reached a town not terribly far away and spreads the news to his neighbors and friends When asked how he came by this information, he told them he had a radio because they wouldn t have believed how he REALLY heard it He perpetuates his initial

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