Inimă pură, minte iluminată: Viața și corespondența

Inimă pură, minte iluminată: Viața și corespondența unei sfinte zen irlandeze Complet captivant de la nceput p n la final, cartea Inim pur , minte iluminat este o poveste real de care s ar putea s te ndr goste tiClasicele memorii ale Maurei O Halloran au inspirat deja muzicieni i arti ti ndr gi i, un film documentar i numero i cititori Aceast edi ie extins include materiale noi precum jurnalele i scrisorile sale de dinainte de a ajunge n Japonia, romanul ei neterminat i o postfa ce trateaz impactul cultural deosebit al c r iiLa doarde ani, Maura a c l torit n Japonia, unde a nceput s studieze i s practice zen sub ghidarea unui maestru zen veritabil A ajuns s fie recunoscut ca maestr zen ntr un timp neobi nuit de scurt Cartea aceasta este m rturia realiz rilor sale

10 thoughts on “Inimă pură, minte iluminată: Viața și corespondența unei sfinte zen irlandeze

  1. kailin kailin says:

    When I first read this book, it was just what I was looking for soulful, searching, conflicting, thought provoking, moving, and all set in a very different world than my own I just re read it recently, and it didn t fail to impress the secon

  2. Kit James Kit James says:

    Tip toeing behind a real live, Irish smart ass as she self deprecatingly achieves that which many continuously both seek and deny the existence of enlightenment, zen, loss of ego Due to her youth and subsequent untimely deathfeels like a note

  3. Tina Stroh Tina Stroh says:

    I read this quite awhile ago and just recall that it was very inspiring A young woman s diary of her experience in a monastery with very austere conditions It was published by her parents posthumously after she died in a bus crash in Thailand,

  4. Harry Allagree Harry Allagree says:

    By whatever standard you would use, Maura Soshin O Halloran 1955 1982 was an amazingly intriguing, strong gifted woman I d never heard of her until I ran across her name in, of all places, a Roman Catholic publication which acknowledged her wit

  5. Tara Tara says:

    This book is a journey into the heart of a young Irish woman and her path to becoming enlightened I enjoyed reading about her journey and learning about Buddhism through her experiences I have muchof an understanding of the Zen way of life now a

  6. Kari Kari says:

    I read this book 15 years ago while living in the Western Pacific 15 years later I still think about her and her journey Whatcan you ask for in a book than one that sticks with you I intend to read it again because we all know that certain books

  7. Craig Williams Craig Williams says:

    The collected journals and letters of Maura O Halloran make for an invaluable resource of information concerning the rigors of practicing Zen Buddhism as a temple monk What I found most interesting is how human Maura s fellow monks come across fro

  8. Gerald McFarland Gerald McFarland says:

    A remarkable, moving, and deep story of an Irish American woman in her twenties who goes to Japan to study Zen at a temple at a time the early 1980s when few western women were admitted to such training After barely three years of inspired but extr

  9. claudia v claudia v says:

    I love how Maura reminds us that no matter where you are on your spiritual path, we re human There is such honesty in her writing, I find it hugely inspirational I can only imagine the teacher she would have been today.

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    Very meditative read with a smart ass of an Irish narrator gaining enlightenment.

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