Imagimorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge

Imagimorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge Fans of adult coloring books are invited to enter the weird and wonderful world of Kerby Rosanes, the illustrator behind internationally bestselling Animorphia, Geomorphia, Fantomorphia, and Mythomorphia The perfect stocking stuffer gift for anyone who loves a coloring book challenge A coloring book like you ve never seen before perfect for colored pencils, crayons, or markers In Imagimorphia, animals and objects morph and explode into astounding detail Bring each intricate image to life with color and find the objects hidden throughout the book Printed on quality paper, Imagimorphia is a quirky coloring and search book for fans of adult coloring books like no otherAn amazing adult coloring book challenge, featuring the strange and superdetailed images of artist Kerby Rosanes Find your zen as you bring this beautiful art to life Imagimorphia is packed full of intricate images of stunning creatures and landscapes morphing and shapeshifting into Kerby s signature, breathtaking scenes The world that he imagines will excite and transport drawers, as he brings this beautiful fantasyscape and its creatures to life Imagimorphia is an amazing adult coloring book challenge featuring his trademark strange and super detailed images, and perfect for coloring then posting on the wall or framing The perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves adult coloring books

About the Author: Kerby Rosanes

Philippines based illustrator Kerby Rosanes works mainly with ordinary black fine liners to magically illustrate his doodle world Considers his art as a personal hobby which turned out to be his part time freelance work after being recognized by various design blogs, international magazines and online art communities Most of his works are characterized by whimsical lines, patterns, characters and little elements that are spontaneously combined to create massive compositions depicting his everyday inspirations or scenes from his quirky imagination.

10 thoughts on “Imagimorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge

  1. Amber Amber says:

    This was a pretty good adult coloring book and the first one I got of Kerby Rosane s adult coloring books that I started back in January and February of this year and finished at the end of September of this year I used color pencils, markers, crayons andin this book If you love adu

  2. Diana Diana says:

    Vid review Vid review

  3. Книжни Криле Книжни Криле says:

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  4. endang cippy endang cippy says:

    THE BEST Ini buku mewarnai pertama dari Kerby Rosane yang aku miliki Kalau lihat gambarnya sih rumit Tetapi ketika dijalani dan diwarnai beberapa bagian Asli deh. buku ini tuh asik banget T O P Garis bantu untuk bayang bayangnya yang diletakkan dalam gambar oleh ilustratornya itu membantu banget untuk menentu

  5. Holly Holly says:

    If you re looking for an amazing coloring book that you ll have fun coloring for hours on end This is the book for you It s so beautiful I find myself just flipping through it to look at the pictures because I can t wrap my head around where, or how he came up with some of the things in here, but it s gorgeous, and it

  6. Color with Iris Color with Iris says:

    The below review is from my blog, you can see the entire review with a flip through video here bet you ve all seen this book but if you haven t, lets look at it now Imagimorphia follows Kerby Rosanes previous coloring book, Animorphia The two are very similar, Imagimorphia feels like the next episode of the same series This ca

  7. Honesty Honesty says:

    Unfortunately, I can t give this book five stars because too many important elements of the designs go into the binding Also, the double sided pages limit the kinds of media which can be used.

  8. Jitka Egressy Jitka Egressy says:

    Just amazing It s not for a coloring book for coloring begginer There is so many details, that it can make you crazy first

  9. Lucy Colouring In The Midst Of Madness Lucy Colouring In The Midst Of Madness says:

    This review is taken from my blog where I review adult colouring books from a mental health perspective Images and a video flick through of the book can be found here book is from my personal collection The book is square, the same size as Animorphia and other bestsellers by JB and MM, it s paperback with a black card cover with bright yellow lettering

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