ILLICIT LOVER I d like to have three men at once, one for each orifice, with each of them taking turns fisting me I can only imagine the physical and mental pleasure that would come from being so It s her addiction her approved meets Conditionally approved In one of her midnight online escapades she meets a somewhat mysterious eloquently gifted in words lover who promises to fulfill all her desires if she commits one thing too him

10 thoughts on “ILLICIT LOVER

  1. Reed James Reed James says:

    Even husband and wives are strangers This quote from the book sums up Illicit Lover perfectly.With modern technology, having an affair has never been easier Pull out your laptop, whip out your phone, do a few taps on your tablet, and your sexting, browsing cheating websites, sending emails, planing your hook ups, all while sitting next to your signi

  2. DawnMarie Carpintero DawnMarie Carpintero says:

    I was lucky enough to receive this book for my honest review Too be quite honest with you I don t know what to write about this so called book I am gonna be nice and give this book 3 stars I honestly can t tell anyone they should actually pick up this book unless you like a book that consists of yahoo messenger and emails with a lot of sex talk This boo

  3. Ani& Ani& says:

    Beautifully written and hot But it lost me a little because of all these messages and the talk was heavy The beginning was interesting and as the book progressed it becameinteresting but because of the talk I would get lost a little It was a passion filed book and interesting to read However it was a first book like this that I read I read mostly HEA romanc

  4. Jenna Oldham Jenna Oldham says:

    Illicit lover 5 starsFabien hides from his unfulfilling marriage on a website and he is intrigued by Candra who is in a happy open marriage They exchange numerous emails back and forth which were quite interesting to read although some of it was repetitive about Fabien wanting to not only take her but to own her and that is where they are at od

  5. Amanda Sorrasson Amanda Sorrasson says:

    Fabian comes across to me as a bit pretentious and repetitive when chatting with Candra In saying that I still enjoyed most of their conversations even though I didn t like Fabian as a person at all I enjoy most erotic books but I do enjoy the characters to have a HEA Even though this book was not that sort of story I did really like the ending, I did not see it co

  6. Krystal Krystal says:

    The only redeemable part was the end where I was slightly taken off guard by the end Yet relieved it was over.

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