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I am a Rockstar The title of the book is enough to give a sense of what's inside The book 'I AM A ROCKSTAR: AN EXPERT GUIDE TO SUCCES' by Uma Vanka is indeed an expert guide to not only success rather find a beautiful purpose in your life as well The author has accumulated a vast experience of public and corporate life by travelling and working in some of the Big Giants of Business world He has translated all the experiences in simple words for the readers to understand the fundamentals of how things wors in real life I have read this book cover to cover and I can say that it is practical and examples are easily relatable to real life I liked the explanation of the best and worstcase scenario, balancing our life, taking criticism lightly, making your brand, seeing life in black and white, and there are manythings that I can not write all here Just read this wonderful book that will give you a clear cut vision of your that is backed by practical and logical arguments. Uma Vanka's book originates from the experiences that he earned since the very beginning of his career in this book, the debut by him, he has written about the same and shared the ideas of success Most of the book is based on improving one's professional career and achieve what we all dream of achieving The examples are practical and you can relate to most of them. Uma Vanka’s I AM A ROCKSTAR makes a case for leadership and success and also general things in life such as achievements and failures The author tries to tell his readers that no failure is final and no success is last and we have to keep making efforts to further ourself and improve our skills Uma also emphasises on the skills of communication and its essence in corporate life Overall, a good book which is offered to a limited reader base of professionals and youths who want to invest their career in corporate sector with futuristic vision. The book is all about finding out the hidden talents, strengths and weaknesses inside you and then working upon them to find your goals and achieve them Uma Vanka has written in a beautiful firstperson narrative that adds brilliant colours of empathy and friendly tone in the book I would recommend this book to youths and to business professionals who are working on the ways to increase their chances of growth. It is a tailored version of classical motivational books Uma has left unnecessary things and addedbeautiful things by his experience he has gained in his work Like most of the motivation author, he too addressed about his story and tries to pick out a lesson from there But he has maintained the decorum of writing and never went to personal by living the main plot behind It is a kind of book that is not going tell you top 5 secrets of successful people rather it will tell what you have and what you don't and how can you achieve what you don't have It will motivate you from your core being and it will make a longlasting impact on daily habits It will help you in manifold ways from staying confident to beliving in yourself The author has kept the book short and simple but it is loaded with wonderful ideas and reallife examples that will surely impress you and at the same time motivate you to perform better in your life A book that you need the most! I truly enjoyed the first thought of the book introduced in a magnificent manner Like the vast majority of the attempts to review some pessimism yet here the case is extraordinary The author is attempting to introduce the thoughts in an extremely important manner that can be useful in making our lifebrilliant,astute andinnovative than previously. Uma Vanka's work originates from his experiences as a young jobseeker, a professional and a corporate success The book has many ideas that will bethan just helpful to the enthusiasts who want to understand the best and possible ways to success which may have been tested in the past to all such seekers, Uma Vanka just gives that! 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I bet no! Uma Vanka's attempt is a peculiar case in nonfiction writing where the author is presenting a firstperson account of his experiences as a student, learner, jobseeker, a person in a different country with problems and a person entering into corporate, leading teams and becoming a successful business leader I am a Rockstar is a book that will certainly help people realise their goals and strategise to achieve the same.

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