Horrorscopes: Exorcise the Monsters Within and Unleash the

Horrorscopes: Exorcise the Monsters Within and Unleash the Scary Side of Your Sun Sign utterly silly, which occasionally we all need however if no bases of zodiac or horoscope knowledge may wanna skip this particular silliness. good concept, bad writting it had a bad understanding of the signs and how their characteristics manifest but i always like being compared to werewolves scorpio fyi so it gets at least 2 stars I got this book from a goodreads giveaway I have always loved astrology, so i was really excited to receive this book I really liked it It said some unflattering things about me, but if im being honest when my monster comes out, its true I loved reading other peoples horrorscope to them If you like astrology, and want to learn about the downside to your sign or anyone else this is the book for you. My husband got me this book for Christmas, because I love reading about astrology This was a pretty fun book Very interesting and very entertaining I loved reading about the monsters we can turn into from time to time This book also helped me learn a few things, which is always a plus It was funny. Very cute illustrations, and the humor is very much appreciated Everyone knows their astrological sign, but how many of us know what monsters lurk within the zodiac You may have your suspicions the glowing red eyes after a night on the town, an irresistible attraction to a white neck, a few lost days every month, a feeling of supernatural superiority, but what you probably don t know is that your star sign influences your evil incarnation of choiceLet Horrorscopes explain why you are what you are, how your ruling planet forces you into evil ways, how your rising sign can mask your true monstrous reality, what you would do on a really bad day, and how you can fight your evil twin and exorcise your monster within that is, if you really want toBestselling author Stella Hyde reveals the dark side of thesun signs, from Aries the Fire Demon to Pisces the Sea Wolf For each sign the Jekyll and Hyde traits are revealed along with aspects like Your Deadliest Sin and how your monstrous side manifests itself at work, at home and at playHorrorscopes is something new under the astrology sun fun and a bit scary

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