Hegemonic Masculinities and Camouflaged Politics:

Hegemonic Masculinities and Camouflaged Politics: Unmasking the Bush Dynasty and Its War Against Iraq Analyzing the speeches of the two Bush presidencies, this book presents a new conceptualization of hegemonic masculinity by making the case for a multiplicity of hegemonic masculinites locally, regionally, and globally This book outlines how state leaders may appeal to particular hegemonic masculinites in their attempt to sell wars and thereby camouflage salient political practices in the process Messerschmidt offers a fresh historical perspective on the war against Iraq over anyear period, and he argues that we cannot truly understand this war outside of its gendered masculine and historical context

About the Author: James W. Messerschmidt

James W Messerschmidt is Professor of Sociology and Women s and Gender Studies, and Chair of the Criminology Department, at the University of Southern Maine He is the author of over thirty academic articles and book chapters as well as ten books, most recently Gender, Heterosexuality, and Youth Violence The Struggle for Recognition Rowman Littlefield, 2012 Professor Messerschmidt teaches courses on gender and crime, white collar crime, and introduction to women s and gender studies He is the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Feminist Faculty Award from the Women s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Southern Maine as well as 2012 Outstanding Alumni Award from San Diego State University for his distinguished scholarly contributions to sociology, criminology, and gender studies.

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