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Hawkeye & Mockingbird: Ghosts Hawkeye, the world s greatest marksman is back and reunited with the world s most dangerous super spy, Mockingbird in an all newadventure The deadly duo defied every obstacle to make their way back to each other and put together the all new WCA team but now the one thing that divided them years before has returned to haunt them the Phantom Rider Collecting Hawkeye Mockingbird, Enter the Heroic Agepg story

10 thoughts on “Hawkeye & Mockingbird: Ghosts

  1. Mike Mike says:

    Before even finishing the first chapter, I can already see why this book got cancelled Really Bobbi s team includes a weapons explosives specialist , an antisocial computer intelligence analyst and a tech making wizard Not quite The A Team or The Loserslike

  2. Olivia Rose Olivia Rose says:

    I love Mockingbird and Hawkeye, but this story really didn t do them justice It did raise some good points about their relationship as a whole, but all in all, they both seemed incredibly dislikeable at points While they both meant well, for the most part, t

  3. Gayle Francis Moffet Gayle Francis Moffet says:

    The best I can say about this story is that at least Widowmaker makes slightlysense It does not, for the record, make me like Widowmaker or Dominic Fortunethan I did I had to look up the plot of the thing even though I just read it a couple months ago, and th

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Challenge Completed a graphic novelI am a little disappointed, ngl.I didn t expect to rate this book as low as I did, especially given my well documented love of Hawkeye See my review on Hawkeye, Vol 1 My Life as a Weapon Unfortunately, though I still enjoyed

  5. John John says:

    I really wasn t familiar with the Hawkeye character, who is featured in the new Avengers movie, so I thought I d check out a couple books featuring the purple archer I first read Ultimate Hawkeye since the character islike that of the film I didn t like it In G

  6. Joshua Buhs Joshua Buhs says:

    What I get for reading the middle book last, I guess It felt too forced, neither as fresh as the Reunion it rehashed the same themes or as consequential as Widowmaker.I felt the design too much, that the books were set up to have Hawkeye and Mockingbird break up

  7. Devero Devero says:

    Questo volume raccoglie una miniserie ben inserita nella continuity marvel, un lavoro che risolve diverse situazioni lasciate in sospeso oltre un decennio prima L antefatto in Secret Invasion, quando Mimo scoperta essere tra gli eroi sostituiti tempo prima Quando

  8. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    I may be a tiny bit partial since Mockingbird is my favorite character of all time, but this is by far my favorite series The art is incredible Lopez has really captured Bobbi s looks and her kick ass style And McCannhow can I express my love for Jim The only time

  9. Alan Alan says:

    A very solid tale by a newcomer, to comic book writing, Jim McCann While the character work and dialogue is not outstanding McCann s background in daytime television shows in his portrayal of the leads troubled romantic relationship I bought the two leads as a divo

  10. Rosa Rosa says:

    The first time I tried to read this over a month ago I just couldn t get into it I just had problems with Mockingbird I don t know why but this time around I wasaccepting of who Mockingbird was and I was able to read through the book and sort of enjoy it You need to

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