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Freddy the Magician In Freddy the Magician, Freddy, who has won so many admirers in his roles of detective, pied piper, editor, general advisor to the animals on the Bean Farm, and always poet, will fascinate his readers in his role of magician With the help of Jinx, the cat, and Jinx s sister, Minx, as well as many other well known animals on the Bean Farm, Freddy pulls some wonderful tricks, not the least of which is outwitting the fraudulent magician who comes to entertain the unsuspecting inhabitants of the nearby town of Centerboro REVIEW Freddy is simply one of the greatest characters in children s literature School Library Journal

About the Author: Walter R. Brooks

Walter R Brooks January 9, 1886 August 17, 1958 was an American writer best remembered for his short stories and children s books, particularly those about Freddy the Pig and other anthropomorphic animal inhabitants of the Bean farm in upstate New York.Born in Rome, New York, Brooks attended college at the University of Rochester and subsequently studied homeopathic medicine in New York City He dropped out after two years, however, and returned to Rochester, where he married his first wife, Anne Shepard, in 1909 Brooks found employment with an advertising agency in Utica, and then retired in 1911, evidently because he came into a considerable inheritance His retirement was not permanent in 1917, he went to work for the American Red Cross and later did editorial work for several magazines, including The New Yorker In 1940, Brooks turned to his own writing for his full time occupation Walter married his second wife, Dorothy Collins, following the death of Anne in 1952 The first works Brooks published were poems and short stories His short story Ed Takes the Pledge about a talking horse was the basis for the 1960s television comedy series Mister Ed credit for creating the characters is given in each episode to Walter Brooks His most enduring works, however, are the 26 books he wrote about Freddy the Pig and his friends.Source a h r e f m y l i n k t e x t a

10 thoughts on “Freddy the Magician

  1. Wendy Bousfield Wendy Bousfield says:

    Impressed by the performance of a circus magician, intellectually curious Freddy resolves to learn magic When the animals meet Zingo, however, he dismays them by shamelessly bragging of his international fame a performance that has been given before all the crowned heads of Europe, that has won deafening applause in every first class theatre and insulting Mrs Wiggins the cow your fat silly face gives me acute indigestion When Zingo s magic hat is lost, Presto, the magician s white rab Impressed by t

  2. Brad Brad says:

    Fun Children s BookI read the Freddy the Pig books in elementary school and decided after lo these many years, to reread them Still fun Silly but fun.

  3. Katy Lovejoy Katy Lovejoy says:

    I ve always loved this one

  4. Alida Alida says:

    We loved this book Senor Zingo it about the most villainous villain in any of the Freddy books It was hard to stop at the end of some chapters because of the cliff hangers.As with all the Freddy books, I do edit a bit as I read to the grandkids Sometimes a character will tell the other to Shut up which I change to Be Quiet Also, I tone down Henrietta s hen pecking of her husband Charles I know conscientious Grandma Onto Freddy the Pied Piper next week.

  5. Nathaniel Nathaniel says:

    It was super funny He becomes a magician There s a hurricane at the beginning of the book and a magician loses his hat and so a rabbit is like I ll teach you magic if you ll find his hat So he finds it, so the rabbit teaches him magic.

  6. Caleb Caleb says:

    I Liked it

  7. Christina Christina says:

    Delightful, as usual We all love the Freddy books, although our library only has a certain selection of them, so we had to purchase this one.

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