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Follow the River Mary Ingles was twenty three, married, and pregnant, when Shawnee Indians invaded her peaceful Virginia settlement, killed the men and women, then took her captive For months, she lived with them, unbroken, until she escaped, and followed a thousand mile trail to freedom an extraordinary story of a pioneer woman who risked her life to return to her people

10 thoughts on “Follow the River

  1. JaNel JaNel says:

    This book needed a lot of editing It was repetitious and monotonous Her voice did not seem very genuine It s kind of hard to explain, but sometimes it just didn t seem like a woman s point of view For example, she rarely never talked about the emotional relationship with her husband Instead, even when she was starving and fighting exposure and exhaustion in the ex

  2. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    This is very good historical fiction We are given a true story that captures our interest from page one What happens is exciting and the story is hard to put down Dialogs enliven events and capture temperaments of the people involved These dialogs may be fictional, but they conform to what source material tells us about the respective characters personalities The b

  3. Anne Stevens Anne Stevens says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I found this book incredibly interesting The amount of research author Jim Thom put into this novel almost reveals an obsession he must have had with the harrowing experience of Mary Draper Ingles I was educated at a very young age by my archaeologist father about the early settlements o

  4. Misfit Misfit says:

    Sunday, July 8, 1755, Draper s Meadow, Virginia The Shawnee Indians launch a surprise attack on the settlement, killing most, but taking some prisoners, including a very pregnant Mary Draper Ingles and her two young sons The captives are taken on a long journey to Shawnee Town, where they are somewhat assimilated into the community, Mary is sold as a slave and her so

  5. Beth Ericksen Beth Ericksen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is one of the best books I ve ever read I read it once when I was a young teen, and again last year as an adult The book stayed with me all these years It s a true story about a young woman during the French and Indian War who witnesses much of her family and village massacred and the

  6. Krissy Krissy says:

    I absolutely loved the first 40% or so It was full of action, suspense, drama and had me glued to the book But then it plateaued hard Like really hard And stayed that way until the end It was such an abrupt change I had a difficult time keeping my full attention on the story So it started as a strong 5 star book then slowly dropped to a 4 and when the journey home made

  7. Harold Titus Harold Titus says:

    I chose to read Follow the River by James Alexander Thom not so much to be entertained and inspired by the story of Mary Ingles s escape in 1755 from Indian captivity and her torturous return from the Ohio River to her family s frontier settlement west of the Blue Ridge Mountains I had read about her ordeal, it being a true story, years ago I wanted to see how Thom deal

  8. Katrina Katrina says:

    It s gruesome at times, but such a powerful, realistic retelling of an incredible, true story It really moved me and I m sure I will read it again Mary Ingles is one of my heroes now

  9. Mike Mike says:

    I happened upon this book through the band in which I play One of the songs we perform written by one of my bandmates was inspired by this book, which tells of the story of Mary Ingles no relation to Laura Ingalls Wilder , who was kidnapped, along with her children, in a Shawnee indian raid on her village in Virginia in the late 1700 s She was taken to an area of Kentucky

  10. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    3 1 2 stars, reallyThe most amazing thing about this story is that it really happened In 1755, Mary Ingles was captured by the Shawnee and taken to Ohio or thereabouts After a couple of months, she escaped along with an old Dutch woman With winter coming on and virtually no food clothing shoes, they made their way over very difficult terrain back to Virginia, where Mary wa

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