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Fearless: From Kampung Boy to CEO This is a collection of wrong things done, told right a concise guide on how to make mistakes, written from experienceAfter decades of being at the top, Tan Sri Dato Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim offers his personal insights on such diverse subjects as to why you should burn things up to learn how to be responsible, why you shouldn t say good morning to your boss in the elevator, and why you need to cut the table to invest in Teluk IntanWhether you re a politician, a school dropout, self employed, a managing director or an aspiring entrepreneur, this is an invaluable book for everyone who aspires to make mistakes and fail in their journey to success

10 thoughts on “Fearless: From Kampung Boy to CEO

  1. Arpah Ali Arpah Ali says:


  2. Syafiqa Syafiqa says:

    Great short book on leadership Find the best people, be willing to learn new things, know things inside out, and most importantly turun padang.

  3. Nursyafiqah Wai Nursyafiqah Wai says:

    Ah ha I picked it up solely because of its cover and thanks Dato because it is not a bad choice You inspired me Simple, elegant, precise and understandle It also comes with interactive pages where you can scribble on it or jot down notes to make evaluations It is a book where you learn a bit about his life, his struggle and

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    I enjoyed reading the book concise, funny and very inspiring Liked the way the author drew on his experience and emotions to convey his advises made it very genuine and relatable A much recommended read Could be a worthy souvenir to young adults especially students to inspire and motivate them to strive for

  5. Muffy Muffy says:

    A great book Very inspiring.

  6. azie azie says:

    Buku ni best

  7. Dayat Dayat says:

    I ll remeber this book as a wedding gift from old friend, kakek Simple, Crisp, Elegant writing by Tan Sri Khalid Love it

  8. Zatika Zatika says:

    I picked up the book at mph solely based on the layout, which is very Paul Arden esq Currently reading it

  9. Arina Yasin Arina Yasin says:

    The graphics of the book is good.The way quotes are being highlighted in bold typography.But there are some letters hidden due to the books folding but still it is readable

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