Fante/Mencken: John Fante & H.L. Mencken: A Personal

Fante/Mencken: John Fante & H.L. Mencken: A Personal Correspondence, 1930-1952 John Fante WikipdiaCorrespondance Poche John Fante, Henry LouisCorrespondance, John Fante, Henry Louis Mencken, Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous enjour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Fante Mencken John Fante HL Mencken A Throughout that book, Fante s alter ego Aruturo Bandini engages in a correspondence with his hero, a great magazine editor named JC Hackmuth Of course, Hackmuth is actually the real life editor and journalist, HM Mencken, who published many of Fante s early short stories John Fante, ce gnie incompris Bibliobs Il y a trente ans, John Fante mourrait des suites de son diabte, lemaiLos Angeles, dans l indiffrence la plus totale Pourtant les Etats Unis et le monde entier venait de perdre un immense crivain Il venait de terminer quelques mois plus tt son dernier roman, Rves de Bunker HillDemande la poussire John Fante, CharlesNot Demande la poussire John Fante, Charles Bukowski, Philippe Garnier et des millions de romans en livraison rapide Correspondance John Fante Henry LouisInJohn Fante told an interviewer, I would have done anything to get the praise of HL Mencken This collection of letters spans a twenty two year period that saw Fante go from a sporadically published short story writer to a full fledged novelist and screenwriter Mencken, who was editor of the American Mercury and an influential social critic of the time, provides a sharp, dryJohn Fante and HL Mencken A Personal H L Mencken John Fante and HL Mencken A Personal Correspondence, Paperback January ,by John Fante Author , H L Mencken Author John Fante WikipediaJohn Fante A Real American Writer John Fante was an early th century American novelist, short story writer and screenwriter of Italian descent Considered the precursor to dirty realism and a major influence on writer Charles Bukowski, Fante s narratives focus on Catholicism, American identity, poverty and the writer s life John Fante Wikipedia John Fante wchst als Sohn italienischer Immigranten in Colorado aufverffentlichte John Fante seine erste Erzhlung Gefrdert wurde er dabei von dem Kritiker Henry Louis Mencken, mit dem sich eine langanhaltende Korrespondenz entwickelteerschien Fantes erster Roman

10 thoughts on “Fante/Mencken: John Fante & H.L. Mencken: A Personal Correspondence, 1930-1952

  1. Lorcan Lorcan says:

    I d recommend this collection of letters to anyone who enjoyed Fante s Ask the Dust , his autobiographical novel about a young writer struggling to make a living in 1930s Los Angeles Throughout that book, Fante s alter ego Aruturo Bandini engages

  2. Librofilia_it Librofilia_it says:

    John Fante sempre stato un uomo che non si mai risparmiato in nulla nella letteratura cosi come nella vita quotidiana specie nel dichiarare le proprie emozioni e le proprie sensazioni e questo libro che raccoglie il fitto scambio epistolare con il suo

  3. Walter Walter says:

    These two personalities, so different and yet so the same they both were most definitely iconoclasts A truly enjoyable collection of letters.

  4. Bob Blewett Bob Blewett says:

    The best.Fante, absolutely full of life, overflowing.

  5. Stosch Stosch says:

    good book mencken helps the underdog, underdog hits the bigtime, 1 or 2 very good letters from fante, a fun read.

  6. Joe Collier Joe Collier says:

    This correspondence started when Fante was an unpublished author, and continued until HLM s death Fantastic peek at the way two writers thought and communicated.

  7. Mike Mike says:

    Nice stuff from an acknowledged great Mencken and an unacknowledged great Fante.

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