Experimental Geography: Landscape Hacking, Cartography,

Experimental Geography: Landscape Hacking, Cartography, and Radical Tourism Incoherent and wildly disparate collection filled with vague descriptions depictions of space and place ness and the pseudo importance thereof Yearning to gaze at something but can t find your navel This book should help. informative, recommended overview of artists interacting with geography. Apparently too art po mo for my blood I found the book flashy and lacking in substance I don t want to insinuate that the artists authors are not critical, thinking people, but I was repeatedly distracted by this over indulgent presentation that seems to portend unselfconscious privilege. very interesting and purty too. A photo of a secret CIA prison A map designed to help visitors reach Malibu s notoriously inaccessible public beaches Guidebooks to factories, prisons, and power plants in upstate New York An artificial reef fabricated fromtons of industrial waste These are some of the than one hundred projects represented in Experimental Geography, a groundbreakingcollection of visual research and mapmaking from the past ten years Experimental Geography explores the distinctions between geographical study and artistic experience of the earth, as well as the juncture where the two realms collide and possibly make a new field altogether This lavishly illustrated book features than a dozen maps artwork by Francis Al s, Alex Villar, and Yin Xiuzhen and recent projects by The Center for Land Use Interpretation, the Raqs Media Collective, and the Center for Urban Pedagogy The collection is framed by essays by bestselling author Trevor Paglen, Jeffrey Kastner, and editor Nato Thompson

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