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Emasculated By The Maid (Part One) After divorcing his wife, Alex decided he needed a maid to keep his house clean None of the candidates were all that promising, however That is, until June walked through his door in her little black dress and sexy high heels Little did Alex know that hiring June would change his life forever and, before everything was over, he would be the one in the little black dress and sexy high heels Emasculated by the Maid Part One The Maid Takes Over is a cautionary tale of a man who finds himself turned into a submissive woman by his maid In this first part, Alex hires June as his maid and soon finds himself dressed as a maid himself This , word story includes female domination, cross dressing, maid costumes, spanking, power exchange, erotic humiliation and For Mature Audiences Only

About the Author: Crystal Summers

Hi Everyone I m a long time writer of CD TV TG fiction and I wanted to share my stories.

10 thoughts on “Emasculated By The Maid (Part One)

  1. CagedMitch CagedMitch says:

    When Alex Thornton informs his wife Tanya that he wants a divorce, she s uncharacteristically calm She packs her things, tells him that she ll be spending a few weeks at her sister s place, and that they can sort out the details when she returns She also mentions that she had scheduled interviews for a new maid, and that he can either hire one, or not, as he pleases.Alex is unimpressed with the maid can

  2. Ann Michelle Ann Michelle says:

    Great start I can t wait to see where this heads

  3. Kylie Gable Kylie Gable says:

    I thought this was a great beginning and one of my favorite Crystal Summers stories I think the thing I m most looking forward to is the interplay between maid and wife The maid who is feminizing our sissy is not a real dominant type She sof a lazy schemer, while the ex wife seems to be very alpha female I have a feeling that one woman will bethan enough for our sissy and two will really have him at their m

  4. Anne Mouse Anne Mouse says:

    This took a long time to get going, but then his descent into a sissy maid was delicious I did wonder if the final twist really worked as he was totally defeated.

  5. Mindi Mindi says:

    Are guys really this easy Apparently so A sexy young woman teases and challenges a rich newly divorced man, and next thing you know, he s emasculated by the maid This book, Part One of this story wassuspenseful buildup Do NOT miss Part Two for the stunning climax Highly recommended

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