Ein Sommer unwahrscheinlichen Glücks: Wie ich ihn

Ein Sommer unwahrscheinlichen Glücks: Wie ich ihn losließ und damit meine Ehe rettete Believe, Stay, Love Ich liebe dich nicht mehr Ich wei nicht, ob ich es je getan habe Der Tag, an dem ihr Mann nachJahren Ehe das sagt, h tte f r die zweifache Mutter und Schriftstellerin Laura Munson der dunkelste ihres Lebens sein k nnen Sie h tte in Tr nen ausbrechen, vor Wut toben oder ihn anflehen k nnen, seine Meinung zu ndern Doch Laura tut nichts Nichts au er Atmen Sich wieder sp ren Spazieren gehen Nachdenken Reiten Zu sich finden Loslassen Sie entscheidet sich gegen das Leid und verlebt einen der intensivsten Sommer ihres Lebens Als sie ber ihre Erlebnisse einen Artikel in der New York Times ver ffentlicht, l st dieser einen wahren Sturm an ffentlichen Diskussionen ber den Umgang mit Partnerschaftskrisen aus Was Laura erfahren hat, spiegelt den Alltag vieler Menschen wider Eine Liebe, die mit gro en Hoffnungen begonnen hat, verabschiedet sich, und zur ck bleibt Leere Der Weg des liebevollen Loslassens jedoch, den Laura geht, ist radikal Laura verlangt nichts und gewinnt am Ende alles zur ck Verbirgt sich hier wom glich der Schl ssel zu einer neuen Art des Miteinanders Ein sympathisches und kluges Buch, das zeigt, wie wir mit Geduld, Einsicht und Bewusstheit eine br chig gewordene Partnerschaft zur ckerobern k nnen

10 thoughts on “Ein Sommer unwahrscheinlichen Glücks: Wie ich ihn losließ und damit meine Ehe rettete

  1. Molly Molly says:

    Warning Rant ahead.This woman is INSUFFERABLE I didn t want to read this book and almost quit about 50 pages in because it s such an irritating waste of time, but I ve only not finished a bookclub book one time in over 4 years I can t believe I made it through 350 pages of her poor little rich girl whining She is shallow and a new age poser She wants to beEat, Pray, Loveand doesn t come c

  2. Laura Munson Laura Munson says:

    Well, heck I wrote it So I love it I m proud of its message and I want it to help people And based on the amazing emails I get all dayit is Thanks for your support, goodreads yrs.Laura

  3. eb eb says:

    A drunken gerbil could write a better andclosely reasoned memoir than this Hardly any of the sentences or paragraphs make sense It feels like the country fair has come to the town of my mind complete with sketchy rides, carnies, and sugar amped kids crying over lost balloons So loud and disorienting I want it to pack up and move on to the next town I want my mind to be an open grassy field again

  4. Carlie Carlie says:

    I liked this book I think I wanted to like it slightlythan I did after I heard about the premise on NPR Then, when I started the book the author kind of annoyed me Her trust fund baby background pushed all my prejudice buttons and set up a nice little tone of resentment that hung between the story and myself and threatened to undo all the possibility for mutuality and connection that is the very hear

  5. Nicole Harkin Nicole Harkin says:

    Wow What a fun memoir I loved it Loved every word I found this book at our bookstore, and it does not really come out until April The book is the memoir by Laura Munson, who happens to live in Whitefish, Montana Can you believe that I think she is about 8 years older than all of my friends, but she moved to Montana the same year my family did.The book was also summarized in a New York Times column last A

  6. Maren Maren says:

    Definitely worth a read, though with some caveats Laura Munson is remarkably likable unlike Elizabeth Gilbert to whom I m sure she ll be compared repeatedly It s easy to root for her and her advice is thoughtful, honest, and compassionate That being said, the book s writing is a little amateurish at times and can also meander in trying to fix her marriage, Munson strives for a level of anonymity and privacy

  7. Mary Novaria Mary Novaria says:

    When the going got tough Laura Munson decided not to play the victim Instead, she was determined NOT to suffer, even when her husband and the father of her two children told her he wasn t sure he still loved her Her response was something akin to keep calm, carry on, partly because she simply didn t buy it He was in the midst of financial losses and business woes and she was a convenient target for his angst Som

  8. Nadine Jones Nadine Jones says:

    Memoir of a time in the author s life when her husband said I m not sure if I love you and walked out the door I had a lot of hope when I started reading this, but I quickly started skimming, because she repeats herself, and she strikes me as rather smug I ll skim a fewchapters to see if it gets better, but I don t expect much I m still skimming, I ve skimmed myself to about 75% of the way done The author remains qu

  9. Heather Fineisen Heather Fineisen says:

    This book is a great friend to have nearby Too bad it can t dial, text or meet for overly priced coffee or subpar wine Pretend it s that silent, knowing friend and you will get some good advice on navigating relationships and being true to yourself Marriage is hard every single day But knowing yourself is even harder Munson bravely exposes herself in this open chronicle of her marriage and we can all benefit from it Emp

  10. Jenine Jenine says:

    UGH it seems to me that this book is written by a 5 year old she s SO self absorbed and superior that i didn t like her at all the premise of the story is good and had potential but this girl blew it now i know why it took her 20 years to finally get published but i wonder why this one did TERRIBLE

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