Down the Volga: 2a Journey Through Mother Russia in a Time

Down the Volga: 2a Journey Through Mother Russia in a Time of Troubles A journey revealing the people and heartland of post perestroika Russia

10 thoughts on “Down the Volga: 2a Journey Through Mother Russia in a Time of Troubles

  1. V.M. Karren V.M. Karren says:

    If I had to choose one book that I point to that made me the Fly by Night that I became in my early twenties, it was De Villiers travel log and stories he tells of the people he met and the places he visited in Down the Volga This books open up the heartland of Russia to the uninitiated and brings us up or down to the same level human

  2. John John says:

    This was the longest I ve ever gone from buying a book to reading it I got this nine years ago at Twice Sold tales in Farmington, and I never got around to reading it Turned out to be much better than it looked on my bookshelf I thought it was only a travelogue of a trip down the Volga river, but he actually works in a lot of interesti

  3. Allen Allen says:

    The time of troubles in Russian history originally referred to the period between the last of the Rurik dynasty 1598 and the establishment of the Romanov dynasty in 1613 Russia has seen many times of troubles since in 1990, as the Soviet Union was coming unraveled, a Canadian journalist took a boat trip down the Volga river into the hea

  4. Sharon Sharon says:

    authors journey down Volga Moscow to Caspian Sea sort ofThe journey was 1991 so much of the data has changed He is a good writer tells interesting stories about his travel and includes political and economic history of each town visited.

  5. Marie Ash-Evans Marie Ash-Evans says:

    Want to knowabout one of the great rivers of Europe, the Volga and its people This is the book published in English in 1992, it is not a recent book but very interesting I think the audience may be small but I found it enjoyable and educational.

  6. Riley Riley says:

    A travelogue in USSR as it came crashing down, this book dropped off a lot in its second half, though it still wasn t without its charms.

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