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Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930-1950 Cesare Pavese was one of Italy s greatest post war writers His poetry was revolutionary both artistically and politically rejecting the verbal and philosophical constraints of tradition and utilizing direct, colloquial language His subjects were peasants, hobos, and prostitutes, and this bilingual volume includes all the poetry Pavese ever published, including work originally deleted by Fascist censors A landmark volumeCesare Pavese was a novelist, poet, and translator, and a major literary figure in post war Italy He brought American influence to Italian literature through his translations Pavese s flight from the Fascists and subsequent confinement were reflected in his writings, which dealt with social struggle and revealed his sympathy for the oppressed He committed suicide at the height of his literary powersA Kage an Series Book

10 thoughts on “Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930-1950

  1. Chiara Pagliochini Chiara Pagliochini says:

    Un tempo nel mondo si sono cantate forse altre cose, ma ora, che cosa cantare altro che ebbrezze Ebbrezze di vino, di poesia, ebbrezze di a, di sigarette e di rinuncia Il Pavese poeta lo conoscevo, finora, soltanto con Verr la morte e avr i tuoi occhi E pensare che per se stesso Pavese era pi poeta che prosatore Non riconoscere questa parte di lu

  2. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    Sublime collection of Pavese s poems It s up there with the best poetry I have ever read.One of my faves below Passion for Solitude I m eating a little supper by the bright window.The room s already dark, the sky s starting to turn.Outside my door, the quiet roads lead,after a short walk, to open fields.I m eating, watching the sky who knowshow ma

  3. Ginny_1807 Ginny_1807 says:

    Di salmastro e di terra il tuo sguardo Un giorno hai stillato di mare Ci sono state piante al tuo fianco, calde, sanno ancora di te L agave e l oleandro Tutto chiudi negli occhi Di salmastro e di terra hai le vene, il fiato Bava di vento caldo, ombre di solleone tutto chiudi in te Sei la voce roca della campagna, il grido della quaglia nascosta, il

  4. Laginestra Laginestra says:

    Camminiamo una sera sul fianco di un colle,in silenzio Nell ombra del tardo crepuscolomio cugino un gigante vestito di bianco,che si muove pacato, abbronzato nel volto,taciturno Tacere la nostra virt.Qualche nostro antenato dev essere stato ben solo un grand uomo tra idioti o un povero folle per insegnare ai suoi tanto silenzio da Mari del Sud

  5. Belinda Lorenzana Belinda Lorenzana says:

    1 Y un amor secreto, como todas las cosas m s bellas,me destruye por ti Pero, a ratos, me produceun intenso estremecimiento en el coraz ny me enardece, me sofoca de dicha,la idea de que, m s all del fango,m s all de la muerte,aquellas pocas palabras desesperadas,que surgen l mpidas desde mi dolor,son las mismas que t expresasy nunca te conocer p 153

  6. James Hughes James Hughes says:

    A unique talent , words and poems such as death will come and have your eyes and the cats will know etc dreams in words..

  7. Anna Anna says:

    I am always reading this Beautiful.

  8. ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬ ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬ says:

    nereden bilebilirim pavese nin k t iir yazd n asdfasfkalbim k r k ask ya al yorum.ortadan okudu um b l mle 160 sayfa falan okumu um teknik olarak ama 121 sayfaday m god know ne zaman d nerim.

  9. Tyler Jones Tyler Jones says:

    I had difficulty connecting to these poems, and so it would not only be unfair but downright impossible for me to rate this book The introduction lead me to believe that Pavese, a great admirer of The Spoon River Anthology was attempting something similar in the way of differing view points, however I found such a uniformity of voice with a few notable e

  10. Hillary Hillary says:

    The rhythm of the poems was very nice, and the beauty of the Italian countryside becomes nearly a character in itself, which is interesting Pavese s treatment of women in his poetry precluded giving anythan two stars, however Pavese seems to be the sort of man who has never understood the purpose of women, outside of having sex with men and bearing sons T

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