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Did the Earth Move? It s all about Eve At least, it should be after divorce with Dennis and being jilted by Joseph, Eve could use a little me time Yoga and tending her tiny organic garden keep her centered, but life s complicated when you have two barely grown sons, two little ones at home, and a demanding job At the end of the day, Probation Officer Eve morphs into Mommy Eve, master of meals, homework, laundry, and bath time It s all or nothing But Eve is irrepressible, a free spirit who still ponders the big questions Is she too old to dye her hair pink Does a one night stand with the veterinarian count as a sex life Did she let the one man who truly adores her get away When her oldest son announces he s getting married, Eve s exes come hurtling back into her world, and she sees the men in her life with new eyes After all, there s to love than out of this world sex Though if you re lucky, you can have both

About the Author: Carmen Reid

Carmen was born and brought up in a chilly and windy corner of Scotland in the depths of the countryside.This may explain her lifelong phobia of cows and abiding interest in cities, department stores, books, the cinema and newspapers.She is currently working on her eigth novel for grown ups and her third novel for teenagers Well, she likes to keep busy.Carmen did once study English Literature at University College London, but, ignoring everything she d learned, she spent most of her 20s working as a local, regional and then national newspaper reporter.Knowing deep down that she was supposed to be an author not a journo, she left her day job to have a baby and write her first novel Hey, and just four sleepless, penniless years later it was published Although there is a corner of her heart that will always belong to London property developers welcome she now lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband, Thomas, and two children, Sam and Claudie, plus Jimmy the lunatic Jack Russell and Clive, Orangey and Gorcha, the fish.Fortunately her hobbies are cooking, cleaning, arguing about whose turn it is to walk the dog, clean the fish tank, take out the rubbish, do the laundry and so on.

10 thoughts on “Did the Earth Move?

  1. Nina Draganova Nina Draganova says:

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  2. Mandy Mandy says:

    There are things I liked about this book.1 Eve found her way after her husband left her 2 That she was kinda of a hippy and that is about it The things I hated 1 The endsless sex scenes Honestly wtf 2 How her looks kept being

  3. Angela Free Angela Free says:

    Ahh, that was a feel good book

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Eve Gardiner is a rather cool urban single mum who lives in a small North London flat with her four kids, Denny 22 , Tom 20 , Anna 9 and Robbie 2 She gardens and does yoga every day to keep herself sane, while holding down a stressful job as a

  5. Ренета Кирова Ренета Кирова says:

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  6. Plum-crazy Plum-crazy says:

    An okay tale about Eve40ish, very slim despite having had 4 children, long blond hair, able to wear funky teenage style clothes without looking like mutton dressed as lambbut despite that you can t dislike her It s a fairly standard chick lit plot Eve s first h

  7. Lorraine Sears Lorraine Sears says:

    This is a slow to start chick lit about loving what you have and letting go of fear Initially I wasn t sure if I d even be able to finish the book as I couldn t see the direction the story was going in But once events started to unfold and the ending I was hoping for be

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    A real feel good book Really enjoyed it.

  9. Pam Pam says:

    02 16 08TITLE AUTHOR DID THE EARTH MOVE by Carmen ReidRATING 4.5 B GENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Fiction 2003 415 pgsSERIES STAND ALONE Stand ALoneTIME PLACE Present UKCHARACTERS Eve Probation officer FIRST LINES Nils Yes Nothing I m just trying it out COMMENTS 01 24 08 rec via bookcrossing ring

  10. Moon Love Moon Love says:

    I love the theme of old lovers reuniting There is just something about it that makes me root for exes Eve is the mother of four and has two failed romances under her belt One of her sons has just let her know he s getting married AND he s about to become a father at the age of 20 Her youngest is

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