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Diario di un sopravvissuto agli zombie Il diario quotidiano della battaglia di un uomo per la sopravvivenza, contro le prove che il mondo dei non morti gli propone giornalmente Una piaga sconosciuta dilaga sul pianeta I morti risorgono e, come nuova specie dominante, reclamano la Terra Imprigionato in una tragedia planetaria, toccano a lui decisioni fondamentali scelte che faranno la definitiva e assoluta differenza tra la vita o l eterna maledizione

10 thoughts on “Diario di un sopravvissuto agli zombie

  1. Becky Becky says:

    If I could give this book negative stars, I would It s been a long time since a book has made me as angry as this one did I don t think I m the overly critical sort I have expectations, and I want them to be met, but I think that I m willing to compromise If a book isn t the best written but has a good story, or if the writing is gorgeous, but the story is kinda meh , I can appreciate the book

  2. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    Just your average zombie survival autobiography.Zombies and a bit too little trouble for the protagonist, but still a creative way to describe everyone s favorite end of the world Some people are pretty hard with this one, it certainly is no Zombie Survival guide and has no the living dead or resident evil quality, because it s extremely focused on just one perspective, but it s a nice addition

  3. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening LineJanuary 1st 0358 hrs Happy New Year to me Wow, this was a surprise Before I begin I should tell you that I ve never read a Zombie book in my life and I m not a fan of the genre although I did think Shawn Of The Dead was hilarious I generally read romance novels with the occasional biography thrown in So you can imagine my surprise when I became absolutely engrossed in a book about su

  4. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 3 of five The Book Report The book description says An ongoing journal depicting one man s personal struggle for survival, dealing with the trials of an undead world unfolding around him An unknown plague sweeps the planet The dead rise to claim the Earth as the new dominant species Trapped in the midst of a global tragedy, he must make decisionschoices that that ultimately mean life, or t

  5. Brett Van Valkenburg Brett Van Valkenburg says:

    I guess I can only explain the majority ofusers glowing appraisals with the fact that Bourne has some interesting ideas It s like he thought of the most interesting places someone could hole up during a zombie apocalypse and then wrote a book around them That combined with the fleeting bits of action throughout the story encouraged me to continue reading despite my overwhelming objections to much

  6. Stephen Stephen says:

    3.5 stars While not up to the quality or enjoyment of World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War which is on my list of All Time Favorite novels, this book can hold its decaying head up high and proudly moan that it is the SECOND BEST ZOMBIE BOOK I HAVE EVER READ Written in authentic journal style complete with misspelled words , this book has a gritty, realistic feel to it and a tight plot that

  7. Brett Botbyl Brett Botbyl says:

    Ok Zombie come and zombies go But as raw as it isI LOVED this book It s a diary format tale of a military guy stuck in the burbs of the living dead What a guilty pleasure Or maybe it s the voyeuristic me dancing behind the overturned car with a high powered rifle and only enough SPAM to last me another two days DIE ZOMBIE BASTARDS

  8. EdsEds EdsEds says:

    I am a great fan of zombie fiction and post apocalyptic fiction in general I absolutely loved Max Brook s World War Z so I was really excited to pick up this book The journalistic style intrigued me and I had hoped to get a realistic, first person view of a survivor in a world ruled by the undead.How easy would it be to survive in a world full of flesh eating zombies Really easy especially considerin

  9. Jason Jason says:

    3.5 StarsThis is an interesting take on the post apocalyptic zombie story I am a die hard zombie phile and love all the different takes on the genre This story done by J.L.Bourne takes the zombie story and gives it to us at the point of view of a modern day soldier who s name we never get to know The name, Day by Day Armageddon, is perfect as this is a journal type story that is told by a soldier It i

  10. seak seak says:

    Take The Martian, add zombies and subtract the humor and you get Day by Day Armageddon So I guess that means it s just like journal style narrative, which is what this is Each day in the journal of the life of an unnamed protagonist.I was in the mood for a good zombie book and Day by Day scratched that itch It s nothing that really breaks any mold They re still a hoard of zombies that suddenly sneak up

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