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Diario del cattivo papà Vol. 2 Trasmettere al maschietto di casa il proprio a per Warcraft II, mettere al tappeto la nemesi della figlioletta, sopravvivere alle riunioni con insegnanti e all idiozia di un altro pater familias affetto da alitosi Essere padri oggi un arte, prima ancora che un mestiere una virt da coltivare con gli anni, che trova la sua massima espressione nella capacit di temprare il carattere della prole trasformando il timido pargolo in an ometto valoroso e la piccola principessa nella spietata guerriera che sa difendersi dai pugni del bullo di turno senza mai rinunciare all ultimo episodio della serie TV preferita Dalla penna dell irriverente Gay Delisle, il secondo volume del Diario del cattivo pap , dedicato a tutte quelle inguaribili canaglie capaci di guadagnarsi l a filiale a suon di creativit , Magnum al cioccolato, cartoni animaci e videogiochi

About the Author: Guy Delisle

Born in Quebec, Canada, Guy Delisle studied animation at Sheridan College Delisle has worked for numerous animation studios around the world, including Cin Groupe in Montreal.Drawing from his experience at animation studios in China and North Korea, Delisle s graphic novels Shenzen and Pyongyang depict these two countries from a Westerner s perspective A third graphic novel, Chroniques Birmanes, recounts his time spent in Myanmar with his wife, a M decins Sans Fronti res administrator.

10 thoughts on “Diario del cattivo papà Vol. 2

  1. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    I love Guy Delisle s sense of humor and laughed out loud on nearly every page of this incredibly funny and perceptive autobiographical account of fatherhood Don t miss out on his longer works such as Shenzen

  2. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Even More Bad Parenting Advice is the sequel to last year s The User s Guide to Neglectful Parenting by the brilliant Guy Delisle Rather than dispensing advice though not that the other book did either , this is a collection of very funny vignettes featuring Delisle and his son and daughter, both of whom are roughly between 5 and 10 years

  3. Gavin Gavin says:

    Randomly reserved at library due to funny title.Turns out it was quite a laugh This guy s dad character seems like a cross between me and Calvin s dad from Calvin Hobbes Some of the things are right on, to the point my wife was laughing hard and saying did you read that That s so you Well yes The section where the dad buys comics for the kid ins

  4. Jennie Jennie says:

    I was happy to stumble upon this bool while looking for something new at the library The title made me giggle as does this book.This translation from Canadian Guy Delisle is a simply drawn comic like narrative about a father with a son and daughter who gives terrible advice The humour here is a bit dry and dark so it may not be everyone s cup of tea It

  5. Renee Renee says:

    Even better than the original, Delisle comforts those of us helicopter averse, imperfect, shamefully human parents of the world with his wonderful wit and honesty Love those conversations with his kids, they are eerily similar to my own Me to my 7 year old Tanning Why would you want to go tanning We are super fair skinned Tanning will give you skin cancer and

  6. Kate Kate says:

    I do believe the proper title for this little series should just be Honest Parenting We havelittle cartoons here with the artist being a Dad and abusing his position as Dad to humorous effect If you liked this first collection, you ll like this too I do think this one if my favourite of the two though.

  7. Mohammad Al-Bahar Mohammad Al-Bahar says:

    A truthful parenting advice book with a drizzle of fun, enjoyment and outrageousness

  8. Ian Hrabe Ian Hrabe says:

    A brisk and funny look at dad life.

  9. PvOberstein PvOberstein says:

    Nothing really wrong with it, the vignettes are all amusing in theory, I just found the execution didn t really do it for me _ _

  10. Dana Dana says:

    Abandoned this one The comics are fine, I m just not feeling them It was a bad idea to try these ones right after Lucy Knisley she s a hard act to follow

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