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10 thoughts on “Death Comes for the Archbishop

  1. Ben Winch Ben Winch says:

    Oh my God This is beautiful I m only halfway through it but I don t care how it ends every chapter is so complete in itself, every word such unmitigated pleasure that I would be stunned absolutely floored if Cather somehow fumbled the ball in the next 150 pages This is it The work of a writer with nothing to prove A writer so humble, her words so transparent, that she seem

  2. Annet Annet says:

    But in the Old World he found himself homesick for the New It was a feeling he could not explain a feeling that old age did not weigh so heavily upon a man in New Mexico as in the Puy de Dome In New Mexico he always awoke a young man not until he rose and began to shave did he realize that he was growing older His first consciousness was a sense of the light dry wind blowing in

  3. Henry Avila Henry Avila says:

    Two young French priests newly out of the seminary in France, where they first met, destined to become bishops of the Catholic Church, in the New World , one an Archbishop became close friends until death struck Jean Marie Latour Jean Baptiste Lamy the original Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Joseph Vaillant Joseph Projectus Machebeuf, Denver, Colorado s, first bishop recruited

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Death Comes for the Archbishop, Willa Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop is a 1927 novel by American author Willa Cather It concerns the attempts of a Catholic bishop and a priest to establish a diocese in New Mexico Territory.The narrative is based on two historical figures, Jean Baptiste Lamy and Joseph Projectus Machebeuf and rather than any one singular plot, is the stylized re telli

  5. Ines Ines says:

    This book is a real monument, we are not talking only of Faith, but of friendship, of love for people, for a land, that is the New Mexico I read this book deliberately slowly, because in parallel I have turned to research the history of Old Mexico and the new Mexico every historical event reported or references to precise geographical areas, was for me a real and historical discovery that Willa C

  6. Fabian Fabian says:

    Highlight here is the incredible depiction of two missionaries who undertake the megaharsh task of converting the Navajos of New Mexico to Catholicism It describes what happens when a new policy, or way of life, is instilled into people who are far away from the Old World There are little vignettes of savagery, of holy manifestation including a very succinct telling of San Diego and his visitation from

  7. Jaline Jaline says:

    Coming to the end of this book was like a sad farewell to some very good friends Father Joseph, Father Letour, their many friends and acquaintances who built solid and strong relationships with them over the years, and their country Oh my Their beautiful country.Father Joseph and Father Letour, both originally from France, were sent to the land of New Mexico shortly after it had been annexed They were young

  8. Hugh Hugh says:

    My only previous experience of reading Cather was last year, when I enjoyed My ntonia This book is very different, but shares the same frontier spirit and once again allows Cather the space to indulge her descriptive talents This one is largely a factual story, although she changed the names of her leading characters The Archbishop of the title Jean Latour can only be Jean Baptiste Lamy, the first Bishop of New Me

  9. Lobstergirl Lobstergirl says:

    I m glad I didn t know Kit Carson would be a character in Death Comes for the Archbishop if I had, I might never have opened the book Indeed, a weight of glumness descended on me as I realized the entire narrative would take place in New Mexico Territory, between the years 1851 1888 I foresaw dust, and tumbleweed clumps, unrestrainedly tumbling through bleak moonlike terrain These things hold little allure for me they r

  10. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Late 1800 s and The Catholic Church sends two priests to reawaken the lessening faith in New Mexico and eventually other territories Every chapter tackles a new story, a different priest, and the lives they are living in the different missions Some had quite an opulent lifestyle, some had children and some had amassed a great deal of money The descriptions of the landscape are masterfully done, and the distance between them t

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