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Evicted from their own world by the humans that they had twice saved, Natalie Pierce and her few remaining kin float in the void of space inside the ship that has become an icy tomb Rescue comes in the form of an alien spacecraft and Nat and her friends are soon facing adversaries that they have never encountered before Their dwindling species is on the brink of extinction and it quickly becomes apparent that their new enemies would be only too happy to finish them off once and for all Death Banishes

About the Author: J.C. Diem

I began reading horror and paranormal books when most girls my age were still reading fairy stories I always dreamed that one day I would be able to write stories that readers could become lost in.The Mortis, Shifter Squad, Hellscourge and Fate s Warriors series are connected, but can be read as stand alone series The overarching theme about Fate s chosen champions will come to an end with my fifth series Loki s Exile.My sixth series, Hunter Elite, begins a new saga with the seventh series, Half Fae Hunter, as a spin off.Send me an email at subscribe jcdiem.com if you would like to receive updates about pre orders and new releases.

10 thoughts on “Death Banishes

  1. Amber Anderson Howell Amber Anderson Howell says:

    DisappointedLoved the previous books in this series But this one seemed repetitive throughout The one one thing I anticipated from very early on was the immortality of the others who drank from the ancestors I think the reduced character interactions and dialog was part of the problem as well as the plot Hoping forwith the next book.

  2. Stacy B Stacy B says:

    Still going strongI find it hard to believe that it s people aren t talking abouth is series It is a very good action adventure series about vampires that is Different from any you have read before.

  3. Teshai Teshai says:

    I am delighted that I got all of the series at the same time, I would have not wanted to wait for the story to continue.So the were banished from earth by the ungrateful humans that they just saved They are frozen into vampopsicles and float around in space when their ship runs out of gas How wicked is that The powers this chick finds in herself if frigging amazing Once again she save her people but what did she bring them in

  4. Kaitlyn Kaitlyn says:

    Natalie and her friends got banished from Earth by the very humans they tried saving.Now they re floating around in space in a frozen state.Natalie awakes to find her friends have all aged and are frozen She knows time is running out for the younger vampires, so she finds a way to call for help Help comes in the form of an alien spaceship from another planet Go figure it d be their ancestors to save them from their frozen tomb S

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