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Day of the Oprichnik One of The Telegraph s Best Fiction Books Moscow,A scream, a moan, and a death rattle slowly pull Andrei Danilovich Komiaga out of his drunken stupor But wait that s just his ring tone So begins another day in the life of an oprichnik, one of the czar s most trusted courtiers and one of the country s most feared menIn this new New Russia, where futuristic technology and the draconian codes of Ivan the Terrible are in perfect synergy, Komiaga will attend extravagant parties, partake in brutal executions, and consume an arsenal of drugs He will rape and pillage, and he will be moved to tears by the sweetly sung songs of his homelandVladimir Sorokin has imagined a near future both too disturbing to contemplate and too realistic to dismiss But like all of his best work, Sorokin s new novel explodes with invention and dark humor A startling, relentless portrait of a troubled and troubling empire, Day of the Oprichnik is at once a richly imagined vision of the future and a razor sharp diagnosis of a country in crisis

10 thoughts on “Day of the Oprichnik

  1. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    You don t join the oprichnina You don t choose it It chooses you Or,precisely, the oprichnina pulls you in like a wave Oh, how it pulls you in It pulls you in so fast that your head spins, the blood in your veins boils, you see red stars But that wave that can carry you out as well It can carry you out in a minute, irrevocably This is worse than death Falling out of the oprichnina is like

  2. Brian Brian says:

    Very good disturbing book depicting a dystopian Russian society in the not too distant future Characters are rich, the settings are well described and the writing is crisp and poignant.

  3. Michael Michael says:

    Welcome to new Russia, where the Russian Empire has been restored back to the draconian codes of Ivan the Terrible Corporal punishment is back and the monarchy is divided once again, but this is the future, the not so distant future for the Russian empire, or is it Day of the Oprichnik follows a government henchman, an Oprichnik, through a day of grotesque event.Day of the Oprichnik is a thought pr

  4. Bjorn Bjorn says:

    It s 2027, and Mother Russia is finally great again The Soviet years and the messy capitalist confusion that followed are long over, the decadent junkie cyberpunks in the West have been shut out with a huge wall, the Czar is back in the Kremlin, the sacred Russian church is in charge of moral, and the not so secret secret police keep everyone in check Finally, everyone can sit back and be Russian that i

  5. David J David J says:

    This is a day in the life account of an Oprichnik, a secret policeman in Mother Russia s near future authoritarian re dystopia Russia s new government is an amalgamation of their previous dystopias, and so this story, though brief, is filled to the brim with Russian history Mixed with a strong satirical storyline, this day in the life account is meant to examine Putin s Russia through humor and historical re

  6. shakespeareandspice shakespeareandspice says:

    I feel like this book was my punishment for staying up and reading when I should ve been sleeping.

  7. Chad Post Chad Post says:

    This book grew on me It s not as satirically funny as I expected, but it s pretty intriguing in a sort of sci fi define a corrupt world way Especially like the bits about Russian literature Writing a real review for Three Percent and starting The Ice Trilogy as soon as I can I just saw a performance of Ice the second book in the trilogy in NY and was reminded how creepy intriguing that book really is I think it was un

  8. Caro the Helmet Lady Caro the Helmet Lady says:

    This was a very specific mix, this book, this creepy neo patriarchal grotesque somewhat scifi ish dystopia Satirical much, sometimes very funny, sometimes scary and violent, and too true to be funny, especially considering modern tendencies of Russian politics If you know Russian, you should read it in original, the language of this book is incredible and, hm, beautiful yeah, surprisingly, it is And this little book will s

  9. H R Koelling H R Koelling says:

    Ummmm, well I just finished this book, but I m not really sure what the heck I read It s supposed to be funny, but I don t possess the erudition nor am I privy to the esoterica of Russian life to fully appreciate the humor That said, this book contained several passages of magical realism that reminds me of Gogol, but I just didn t understand what was going on for most of the book Still, I thought it was an OK novel, but I can

  10. Ksenia Anske Ksenia Anske says:

    This bookit s scary It s the future of Russia re imagined, with all the nostalgia for the absolutism gone wrong and turned inside out, where bigotry and puritanism and patriarchy and righteous violence mix with reverence and tears spilled over touching songs and hallucinogenic drugs enjoyed in the technologically outfitted dens for high elite police whose job is to kill and to rape and to pillage and to burn, a la Ivan the Terrible,

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